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Workout Week 1–Footage Fail and the Starting Line

(Disclaimer: Amazon Affiliate links included where possible and I deem them relevant. I’ll earn a small commission, as described in my privacy policy from eligible purchases made through these links.) First week in and things are already not going to … Continue reading

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Photo Challenge Plans

Seen via slideshows on my YouTube channel in the following playlist: (Disclaimer and ulterior motive: due to changes in YouTube’s policy, none of my channels are currently monetized. I would like them to be, if only to have access to partner-only … Continue reading

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Video Game Wishlist

Just a random list of games and gaming accessories I’d like to have… most (if not all) of which are on the list precisely because they don’t exist. Lego Dimensions for the Nintendo Switch Yes, I’ve read the articles saying LD … Continue reading

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Social Networking Experimentation

Just a heads’ up to anyone who follows me on Twitter or FaceBook, I decided to try something different with my syncing options. To start with, I removed FaceBook from my list of sites to publicize this site to, so … Continue reading

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All I want for Christmas

is my two front teeth. Oh wait, didn’t I do that joke already? *Ahem* Anyway, my Christmas wishlist for this year, in no particular order: A job doing something I enjoy. Or right now, any job. Making enough money on … Continue reading

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Perplexed About: Copyright Concerns

For a… slightly better reason than before. See, while the previous “bugging me” post was only trying to find out what movie someone was talking about, this one has more to do with copyright. Specifically: copyright, illegal downloading/digital piracy, and … Continue reading

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Writing “exercise”

What do I want that would help me in my writing? Well, there’s always the obvious. More books for research. A newer laptop (and smaller; an 11- or 12-inch would suffice). A second modem or a mobile hotspot. My parents … Continue reading

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Writing Devices–AlphaSmart Neo2

AlphaSmart Neo2 (Amazon “smile” link with affiliate code included) I contacted Renaissance Learning back in June 2011, thinking maybe I could get my hands on a Neo2 as a new writing device. I just tracked down the email I’d sent:

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Writing Devices–Entourage Edge

Entourage Pocket Edge (Amazon “smile” link with affiliate code included) Hopefully my final writing gadget. Yet another discontinued product, though this one’s only a few months old. I’ve only had the Pocket Edge for a few days now, but I … Continue reading

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Writing Devices–Kindle

Amazon Kindle e-reader (Amazon “smile” link with affiliate code included) This particular link is to my search results; the device I’ve reviewed, while available to buy used, is discontinued and can no longer generate affiliate links. I may review another … Continue reading

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