Social Networking Experimentation

Just a heads’ up to anyone who follows me on Twitter or FaceBook, I decided to try something different with my syncing options.

To start with, I removed FaceBook from my list of sites to publicize this site to, so I’ll be relying entirely on Twitter to push my links there.
(My other two WordPress sites, being more writing-centric than this one, will continue to auto-sync to FaceBook,  but that’s because they go directly to my author page rather than my profile.)

I also removed my FaceBook page from my Twitter feed…. anything that I want to post to my page, I’m going to share directly from my main profile, so as to cut down on duplicate posts when Twitter tries to sync from both locations.

And finally, I’m thinking about creating a new FaceBook page strictly for the books… somewhat distinct from my “author page” that still falls somewhere between a writing page and “a little of everything.”
Even if I don’t do that, I’m also looking at creating a new Twitter account for the same purpose. I need something that isn’t the “a little of everything” and reposting/retweeting for networking purposes; I need something that’s strictly about certain aspects of the writing process.
While I will engage with people who follow me at these locations, the majority of posts will still be auto-synced or shared from other sites, so there shouldn’t really be too much issue with trying to manage multiple accounts. Yet. In fact, the biggest problem I anticipate would be going through my old posts and deciding what I want to share over from what I’ve already got; sharing new content should be easy in comparison.
But I’m going to continue exploring my options and see what fellow writers are doing before I decide exactly what I’m going to do….

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