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*Head Meets Desk*

So much for attempting to reboot my “regular schedule” plan on Monday. Forgot to charge the batteries in my GoPro since the last time I used it and my actual webcam just isn’t as good a camera, so I effectively … Continue reading

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Other Forms of Self-Care: Digital Decluttering

Well, I haven’t done workouts for a little while, not since that last recording test sans computer. The test, if you’re curious to see me flailing around with little context: As mentioned previously, the GoPro seems to be working fine as … Continue reading

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Workout Week 3–Technical Trouble

(Disclaimer: Amazon Affiliate links included where possible and I deem them relevant. I’ll earn a small commission, as described in my privacy policy from eligible purchases made through these links.) Oh, for the love of…! No distractions this time around, at least … Continue reading

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2021 New Year’s Resolutions, Day 1–Social Media Goals

Don’t worry, I won’t be spamming my followers by writing daily about my resolutions. 😉 Rather, since it is the beginning of the new year, I thought it time to touch on some of those goals as they pertain to … Continue reading

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“Spring” Cleaning?

Otherwise known as the perpetual need to declutter. I couldn’t decide whether to write this one as a page or a post, and I’d originally uploaded it as a draft under my list of pages. In the end, I decided … Continue reading

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“I Found it on Google”

That’s a lovely image you have there; where did you get it? Oh, that? I found it on Google. …. Stop! Step back, and listen carefully. You did not find that image on Google.

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Social Networking Experimentation

Just a heads’ up to anyone who follows me on Twitter or FaceBook, I decided to try something different with my syncing options. To start with, I removed FaceBook from my list of sites to publicize this site to, so … Continue reading

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Now on Tumblr

Because I felt like it. 😉 You can find me playing around on Tumblr at Pioneers of the Shattered Waters (now why does that name sound familiar? 😀 ) I created the account for two reasons. One, to explore Tumblr’s … Continue reading

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Perplexed About: Gameplay Videos *Updated*

Well, my first test of Fraps was a flop. I don’t know if the problem is with Fraps, with Steam, or with the electrical connection between the keyboard and the chair, but there was a problem regardless. Now, the first … Continue reading

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Writing “exercise”

What do I want that would help me in my writing? Well, there’s always the obvious. More books for research. A newer laptop (and smaller; an 11- or 12-inch would suffice). A second modem or a mobile hotspot. My parents … Continue reading

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