Video Game Wishlist

Just a random list of games and gaming accessories I’d like to have… most (if not all) of which are on the list precisely because they don’t exist.

Lego Dimensions for the Nintendo Switch

Yes, I’ve read the articles saying LD is done with and there won’t be any more packs. That doesn’t make this any less of a “I want this”…. in fact, it qualifies it as having the top spot on this list.

Mostly I want a Switch version is because I have neither the money nor the space to have a ton of consoles. Now that I have a Switch (bought in part due to the ability to set an actual time limit in parental controls), I would like to get rid of my Wii, but as I am not the “brand new console, brand new library of games” type of player, that requires that the games I’d really like to keep receive Switch ports.

Or alternatively….

Lego Dimensions for Steam/PC

Legends of Tomorrow/Flash/etc team (or level!) packs for Lego Dimensions

Specifically I need a playable Captain Cold. Or Citizen Cold will do, I suppose. Though the ability to play many different characters from the team would be very nice.

Dinotopia pack for Lego Dimensions

😀 Mistaken identity, anyone? Jack Harkness of the Doctor Who pack might not have been a playable character, but Ollie still gets a “he looks familiar” dig in if you pair up the Arrow character piece with the Doctor. But what if the relevant characters were to meet in-game?

And while we’re at it….

Prison Break pack for Lego Dimensions

Same reason…. although a level pack would definitely be of interest here.

Wii Fit/Fit U/Sports Resort or some variation for the Nintendo Switch

There’s my “I don’t want tons of consoles” argument again.

But it has to maintain all of the activities from all of the previous versions of the games–or as many as the hardware allows. There’s no reason the Joy-Cons can’t serve in place of the Wii Remote and Nunchuk, and a smartphone app could serve in place of the Fit Meter if a Switch-specific tracker wasn’t developed. The Balance Board would probably be the hardest to duplicate.

I’ve also read articles claiming that fitness games are a “shrinking market” and that fitness games for the console are no longer popular because there are so many apps available for smart phones.

But there are a few problems with those arguments:

  1. If a “shrinking market” is the reason for not having fitness games on consoles, then why are there so many smartphone apps in the first place? A shrinking market should be affecting the profit potential for those, too.
  2. A smartphone app requires the gamer to actually have a smartphone.
  3. And if “I can get it on a smartphone” is a reason to not make certain games available on consoles, then why the hell does anybody bother making consoles?
  4. There are a few things a console version of a fitness game can do that a smartphone can’t do:
    1. A smartphone comes in all variety of sizes typically bought for use as a phone–and more to the point, for use with all the other features that set it apart from a basic phone. This means the phone I have, while being comfortable enough to hold for a brief phone call, is much too big and bulky to use as anything but a step counter that I shove into my pocket for fitness purposes. No dance moves, no tracking to make sure if you’re stepping to the left or swinging your arm to the right, none of it. Just. Counting. Steps.
    2. A smartphone does not, typically, have the wrist strap to prevent you from accidentally dropping or throwing it, should you decide to play those games that do require swinging your phone around (Just Dance Now comes to mind).
    3. Unless you’re buying a budget model (which might not even have the hardware to support the games you want), a smartphone is WAAAAAY more expensive to replace than a dedicated and much-more-comfortable-to-hold controller. Come to think of it, even many of the budget models tend to run higher than a set of Switch Joy-Cons.

Okami for the Switch

Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, Wind Waker, and Skyward Sword for the Switch

Gold Zelda-themed Joy-Cons and Switch racing wheel

A “Just Dance”-esque game that allows you to purchase and download individual tracks.

None of this “buy this edition if you want these songs” nonsense; I want a version that’s just like buying mp3s on Amazon, mmkay?

More to the point, I want to be able to create a playlist of songs to dance to that doesn’t require swapping discs/cartridges/apps whenever I want to change to a song that maybe doesn’t exist on the version I’ve already got loaded. I’d like the ability to swap out genres on the fly, too.

And since there is still the fixation with the smartphone apps….

A “Just Dance”-esque game that uses my wearables rather than my phone to track my movement.

Heck, I’d even buy a set that’s made specifically for that game if I can wear it on both wrists and ankles! Better that than getting a score based on the movement of one single hand.

And finally, back on the Switch:

To make the Parental Controls time limit profile-specific.

I mean, I could disable the time limit when I want to play on my system, instead of trying to share time with my nephew (or rather, instead of adding to the limit if I didn’t disable it for me)… but why should I need to?

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