Photo Challenge Plans

Seen via slideshows on my YouTube channel in the following playlist:

(Disclaimer and ulterior motive: due to changes in YouTube’s policy, none of my channels are currently monetized. I would like them to be, if only to have access to partner-only tools such as the ability to link to external sites from within the video. YouTube’s new policy requires that I have at least 1000 total subscribers and 4000 annual watch hours to use those tools. But even before I reach those tools, there is the first milestone of 100 subscribers, required to give myself a custom URL. Care to assist?)

My plans for the random photo slideshow are going to go through some…. revisions.

Originally, I took occasional photos throughout the month and selected perhaps half a dozen of the ones I liked best to create a slideshow to represent my progress for that month (or my “progress,” such that it may be).
The new plan is this: the photos chosen will likely be just as random as in the current photo challenges, but the slideshows should be quite a bit longer. Should be being part of the goal, here; the new plan is to take at least one photo every day and include one–one!–photo from each day into that entire month’s slideshow. That “one per day” requirement of course means that if I take half a dozen great photos one day and a couple of really sucky photos another, that slideshow has to include one of those sucky photos. It also means I need to step up my game and actually get out and practice taking photos.

Hopefully this won’t result in a ton of near-identical photos, though since I’ll likely prioritize those taken along my walks over, say, random things I saw while at work or running errands, I can’t make any promises.

When do I plan to implement this change? Depends on how long it takes me to get through my current backlog–you’ll note the very last slideshow I uploaded before my computer had issues was April 2017 and I just haven’t gotten around to sorting through my photos since then. I hope to finish with the current incarnation of the challenge by the end of this year, but I also don’t want to spam my subscribers with long-overdue uploads and 2019 ain’t quite as far off as it looks.
We shall see.

Fellow photo-hobbyists: how do you prefer to, er, “encourage” yourself to practice? What methods do you find work for you?

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