BookCrossing Map And “Spring” Cleaning Progress

Placeholder page for when I start tinkering with mapping options.

Meanwhile, have a look at the BookCrossing category to see random posts I’ve written on the subject and a running list of books I’ve both released and found through the system, visit the official BookCrossing website (referral code included) and try it out for yourself, or read on to see how I “organize” my Bookcrossing books.

To Be Released

I have a system, of sorts, for organizing the books I intend to release to Bookcrossing.


On the shelf unit pictured above, the very top shelf is merely for DVDs–movies, TV shows, etc–that we intend to get rid of at some point in time. Reasons for doing so vary, including duplicates of movies that exist in multiple sets, movies the family no longer wants, or the simple fact that Netflix and limited shelf space has caused me to cut down on what titles I truly want to “own.”

The next shelf is for assorted books that have been registered to Bookcrossing and labeled, and are merely waiting for the next time I go out to drop one off, be it a wild release or one that’s been reserved to give to a friend or family member.

Another shelf down has those books that I have registered but not yet labeled. Given that I use basic address labels, of which there are ten to a page, I generally prefer to wait until I have ten books in need of labeling before I print another set.

And finally the bottom shelf contains those books that we intend to get rid of but which have not (yet) been registered for one reason or another. Generally these are books that I have just finished reading and have prioritized selecting another book over registering a “just finished” title.

To Be Read

Organizing the books on my to-read list (acquired via the thrift store, a local “outdoor library,” or Goodreads giveaways)? Not so much.

20191030_173517This represents a…. small selection of print copies I’ve acquired in this manner, in addition to those found on various bookshelves in my room.

Future Plans

In addition to the map, I also plan to start posting on here about some of the books I’ve released–both in the form of reviews and just a progress report (of sorts) about the decluttering element.

“Reviews” may range from actual book reviews, such as those found in the, well, Book Review category, to simply giving off a snippet of the reason for choosing that particular book to release to BookCrossing at that particular time. Given that I already have a review category, however, most BookCrossing posts will probably fall under the second category so as to avoid duplicate pages.

“Spring cleaning” posts, which will be far less common, will be the neighborhood of just identifying when I made major changes that affect my BookCrossing status.

Posts will be backdated until I am caught up to my liking.