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The Trouble with “Thoughts and Prayers”

Imagine, if you will, that you receive a phone call from the hospital asking you to come by because one of your loved ones has been in an accident. Pick your most likely reaction: Think “please, (name of deity of … Continue reading

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Perplexed About Amazon Customer Questions

Or virtually any site that allows customers to ask questions of random strangers. And what I find perplexing is…. the people who answer–specifically those whose answer can be summed up as “I don’t know”–seem to think that they’re required to … Continue reading

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Amazon Service (P)Review: Kindle Unlimited Trial

Well, my sporadic online habits means I missed advertising the “three months for 99 cents” deal, but new users can, as always, sign up for a free month of Kindle Unlimited to try out one of the various plans. Kindle … Continue reading

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Author Newsletters: An Experiment

Also known as: Social Media Under the Influence Last night about, oh…. shy of midnight, I decided, in a moment of cold-pill-induced lunacy, to finally make an attempt at creating my own email newsletter. I’m thinking of calling it “Three … Continue reading

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The Trouble With Kindle Scout Times 2

There, that’s the problem right there. I’m sure many of us have received the notification by now…. Kindle Scout is coming to an end. I received the email about it April 2 some time in the afternoon…. a few hours … Continue reading

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The Trouble with YouTube’s Algorithms

Otherwise known as, a human would know better. Or, artificial intelligence is not that intelligent. In which I step up my plans to begin embedding (relevant) videos within my website in an effort to fight against the numbers game…. To … Continue reading

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The Trouble with Amazon Associates

And probably the trouble with most affiliate systems. Disclaimer: Amazon links include Amazon associate codes. (Oh, the irony. 😉 ) Amazon Affiliates/Associates, like most (legitimate) affiliate programs, is one that can make a content creator a decent amount of money … Continue reading

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Self Care Chronicles–Feb 8-21

So much for catching up. 😉 Sep 2017 Update: Once again, editing to make sure the text of the post is still in there when Went unpublishes his page. 😦 Anyway, once again, some of the self-care ideas shared from … Continue reading

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Self Care Chronicles–Feb 1-7 2017

About half a month late. I got the idea of doing self care chronicles from none other than Wentworth Miller’s Facebook page. (That would be where the “half a month late” comes in–I started reading these on his page at … Continue reading

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Now on Tumblr

Because I felt like it. 😉 You can find me playing around on Tumblr at Pioneers of the Shattered Waters (now why does that name sound familiar? 😀 ) I created the account for two reasons. One, to explore Tumblr’s … Continue reading

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