Tools of the Trade

An ongoing list of items and ideas I’ve used in some form or other for my creative endeavors.

This list will include, but is not limited to:
devices I’ve tried for the purpose of writing my fiction when I lack access to my computer,
machines I’ve tried to work out on while writing,
devices and software I’ve attempted to practice drawing on,
suggested reference books for researching certain fantasy topics as well as writing marketable stories in general,
book reviews of other authors’ work….
the odd tv/movie reviews,
and odder writing prompts,
and possibly other things.

With regard to book reviews, it must be said that there are two major types of readers: the type who reads for pleasure, and the type who reads to critique.
Most of the books I review are those I have read entirely for the pleasure. I will not proofread these. I will most likely notice spelling errors and typos and the like while I’m reading, but unless they interfere with my ability to understand what’s happening–unless the book is riddled with typos, or the spelling errors actively change the meaning of the sentences–I simply don’t care about them; the story itself is what’s important, and I will rarely mention anything but the worst of such problems in my reviews.


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