Writing prompts

Currently just a placeholder page… mostly.
I’ll be listing and linking to writing prompts as I actually post them (or find them, in the case of prompts I like that other people have though up).

But for the time being, I only have a few particularly odd ones. I’ll elaborate a little bit here on where the prompts came from, but you’ll have to visit the link(s) if you want more than that.

Job hunting in the apocalypse
In which a job search turns up results about surviving in the apocalypse

Tasting colors
In which I wake up with a weird phrase in my mind

Royal conspiracy
In which I daydream and hear myself asking about a conspiracy that I’m prevented from talking about

Vampires in surgery
In which I have a really weird question about otherwise realistic surgical requirements

Guard animal on duty
In which I deliberately come up with a writing prompt. 😉 And try to make it weird.
(I seem to have neglected to write that one down. ^^; Pity, but I kind of vaguely remember what I had in mind. Hopefully I’ll remember enough….)

Travel writing
In which I wanted to know how to write about a place I’ve never been to.
I asked Carole Barrowman about this one, and I developed a sort-of prompt somewhere in the middle of my question.

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