Writing “exercise”

What do I want that would help me in my writing?

Well, there’s always the obvious.
More books for research.
A newer laptop (and smaller; an 11- or 12-inch would suffice).
A second modem or a mobile hotspot.

My parents to leave me alone while I’m writing, and stop treating every slightest thing they want me to do as loads more important than my writing (e.g., I want them to actually be patient, and accept that “hold on” means “wait a moment so I don’t have to cut off what I’m doing in the middle of a thought”).

But there’s also the health issue.
See, I love to write, and my handwriting is atrocious. I also majored in Computer Science, and would like a related job.
Either one means I’m on the computer all the time. I need to exercise and lose weight, but how could I possibly get more exercise without taking time away from the computer?

The obvious is simply to budget my time. Spend less time at the computer and more actually exercising.
But that’s the easy answer. And easy answers are boring. 😉
Isn’t there a way to exercise and get my work done at the same time?

An exercise-powered computer, or any similar solution, would be nice. But it’d still probably mean splitting my time between the two. I couldn’t work at the computer while exercising, after all.

Then, just today, I found out about laptop shelves for treadmills.
I thought that was a great idea! Just a couple of problems:

  • I don’t have a laptop.
  • I don’t have a treadmill.
  • I’m not about to pay $30.00 for something that might not work for me.

Granted, the shelf is said to be good on exercise bikes, recumbents, ellipticals, and the like. But I have a Gazelle, and I saw no mention of whether those would work.
A wireless keyboard for my desktop PC, plus some way of using the TV as a monitor might do it. But I have neither a wireless keyboard nor a “TV=monitor” solution.

But I do have the Gazelle, and I do have an AlphaSmart, and I do have a small tablet.
$30.00 is still high for a “might work,” but $5.99 for experimenting with a book holder sounds well worth the effort. I’m not certain the book holder can hang on the Gazelle, but I’m willing to risk that little bit of cash.
Just…I think I’ll leave the tablet out of the experiment. It’s the AlphaSmart or nothing.

I gave the book holder a try, only to discover that it won’t hold onto the Gazelle. And since we don’t have any other exercise machines and the house…and since I’m not so dedicated to this experiment to bring my AlphaSmart to the YMCA…I’ll just say the book holder doesn’t suit my needs just yet.

I have, however, come across this compact “exercise bike” with desk attached, called the FitDesk.
More than a little outside my price range, but it’s no worse than most exercise bikes, according to my folks. And its size makes it far more convenient than a book holder plus treadmill/bike if I want or need to move to another room. It might be worth investing in, once I have the funds to invest. And if I get my hands on a wireless/bluetooth keyboard and mouse, I could use it with my monstrosity of a desktop computer….even while playing Skyrim!
The only drawback–besides price, of course–is I wouldn’t want to use it just for exercise; every review I’ve seen seems to imply that it’s no good for intense workouts. It’s really better for “I’m going to be sitting on my butt anyway, I may as well find a way to burn a few extra calories.”

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3 Responses to Writing “exercise”

  1. I like your blog. I am a student, a writer and I work on the weekends at the Renaissance Faire. Currently I am writing from my old MAC which doesn’t hold a charge which means if it gets unplugged I’m SOL! I also in the last year and a half have lost 70+ pounds going from a size18/20 to a size 6/8. It hasn’t been easy and being a writer and a chef makes it even harder! I will say that two things that helped me get through it were Weight Watchers Online and a little energy pill called Red Line. Wii fit also made it easy and cheap to do quick work outs through out the day! If you need help/advice or anything else for losing weight please let me know! Good luck on getting a laptop. If i may suggest getting a MAC I know they are expensive but they will last 3X longer and the mac genius is amazing! My baby is almost 3 years old and within the last 2 weeks I have had over 1000 dollars worth of replacements on it all for free! They have found broken pieces that i know a pc repair person would have not found. Good luck with writing.


    • Thank you!

      I have Wii Fit, though I need to use it more. (There’s that “splitting time between exercising and writing” dilemma. 😉 )
      I’ve looked at Weight Watchers, as well as Slim Fast like my mother drinks.
      But I’m not ready to consider energy pills/drinks as weight loss solutions. Not personally, and not medically, either; not until I get my blood pressure down to a reasonable level.

      Also, while I would LIKE a new laptop, I’m not currently in the market for one.
      Got to take care of those student loans first, unfortunately.

      The Renaissance Faire has sounded like a fun idea for some time, but I haven’t been to one since Girl Scouts!
      Pity there’s nothing local….


  2. Great post – hope you find a solution. I use the 10 minute solution range of DVDs – there’s something for everyone. They are short and focused but certainly do the trick! 🙂


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