Fitness for Writers–Product Reviews

Once upon a time I bemoaned the unavailability of devices that allowed me to “work out” while sitting in front of the computer to write.

Now, technically such devices were available then, and they are available now, but in terms of what I want, the technology hasn’t really caught up with the idea. Dare to dream, right?

Here I plan to begin reviewing some of the better (in my opinion) products I have come across.
I will of course explain what I think is good about them and provide a (monetized) link to their Amazon product page. I’ll also–probably–list off why I feel that the product in question doesn’t quite meet my ideal “work out while sitting down” approach.

Disclaimer 1: Regular diet and exercise is still important!

None of the products I review here are meant to serve in place of normal workouts, gym visits and the like.
I write these reviews under the assumption that the reader and prospective customer would be using these devices in addition to normal exercise and healthy dietary choices.
Rather, I have chosen these devices to review based on the notion that, shocking as it may be to some people, getting up and moving around isn’t always the option we’d like it to be.
Whether it’s because the job requires sitting at a computer all day or because, sometimes, we just want to enjoy an activity that does not conventionally involve getting off our butts, the reason for sitting simply does not matter; the devices reviewed here are chosen with the idea that sitting for extended periods of time does happen.

Disclaimer 2: No magic pills

I will not review medicines and supplements and the like. No vitamin pills, no foot detoxes, nothing of the sort. Not because they don’t work (some very well might–“hasn’t been proven to work” is a very different claim than “has been proven not to work”).
No specific dietary suggestions, either. (Though I do quite enjoy avocados. 😉 )
No, I’m ignoring these for the site’s purpose simply because they depend entirely on buying and re-buying a regular supply of something that, if effective, will most likely take just as long to see results as anything else. I prefer to focus on once-off purchases for my reviews.

Disclaimer 3: Unconventional Exercises

The very fact of wanting a means to work out while I’ve got my butt stuck in a chair is unconventional enough, but some of the devices I’ll review might not strictly be intended for exercise purposes. (Fitness doesn’t just mean exercise, after all.)
As such, not all of the devices here will necessarily have “work out”-centric reviews, though I will give my personal experience if and when I attempt to use them that way.

Disclaimer 4: Most definitely not a professional

I am not making professional recommendations.
I am not a doctor.
I am merely giving my personal experiences and thoughts on the use of some of the devices I personally have tried….
And one that I would like to try but can’t afford.

Disclaimer 5: Image Doesn’t Always Matter

Some people think of weight loss in terms of an ideal look. That’s fine for them.
Some of them want to lose weight et cetera because of health reasons. Definitely fine.
What’s not fine is that the two groups seem to forget (or ignore) that the other exists.

I don’t have a problem with someone making their own weight loss journey all about the image (though I caution that eating disorders are a real thing, and some of those disorders make the “image” approach–or indeed, any approach to weight loss–very easy to reach unhealthy levels).

But I so hate the “just love yourself” attitude I get from some of those who focus entirely on body image. Because my journey is not about the image; it is about the physical and painful problems that “loving myself” simply will not erase.
It is about the skin irritation from my thighs rubbing together, even through fabric designed to protect against chafing.
It is about the back pain from my breast size.
It is about finding pants that either drag the ground (I have a hard time finding 29 inch inseams as it is, and would really be better off with 28 inch) or make me feel bloated (because those inseams tend to come with smaller waistlines)… or cost me an arm and a leg to get something that actually fits.
It is about the sensitive gag reflex that triggers when something–including my own hair!–touches my neck and can make the simple act of dressing to go outside a nauseating endeavor.
It is about the fact that I cannot run the length of my driveway without feeling out of breath–and not running very fast at that–or the fact that it has just been too long since I have been able to participate in any kind of social event or museum visit or the like that requires a lengthy walk. Not that I care about the social aspect, but maybe I’d like to do one of those tours some day, hmm?
And so on.

And with that, on to the reviews!

List of Desk-ercise Products

VirZOOM Virtual Reality Exercise Bike
(More a “fitness for gamers” than for writers, and here I’ll merely be reviewing the idea of the product–I’ll do an actual product review if and when I actually have the money to buy one of these things, so, you know, the more purchases through my affiliate links…. 😉 )

FitDesk Exercise Bike

FitDesk Under Desk Elliptical

Treadmill Book Holder

Shiatsu Massager “belt” (see Disclaimer 3)

any others as I remember what I’ve tried and/or acquire new things to try