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Wandering One

Wandering the worlds of stories.

Welcome to my author site!

Welcome to Side Quest Publications, creator of original writings and fanfiction alike, including several Doctor Who plot lines, fics set in the Arrowverse, assorted game and comic fanfiction, and, of course, my own fantasy multiverse series “Pioneers of the Shattered Waters.”

If you were directed to this site via one of my self-published works (there are some few copies still floating around with the link), the focus of this site has since changed.
Here I still write about writing, and include story prompts and the occasional book review (disclaimer, Amazon and Smashwords affiliate links included where relevant), along with assorted random topics. I am slowly trying to shift the focus towards those reviews and away from the random topics.
The sister site, Pioneers of the Shattered Waters, now bears the focus of my own stories, up to and including Nation Novel Writing Month competition data.
End Update

This site, while intended to be primarily about writing, includes a little bit of a lot of subjects.
If you prefer something strictly about the writing, may I recommend:

  • my own series’ website, Pioneers of the Shattered Waters?
    This site focuses entirely on the writings that take place in my particular storyverse. It contains individual chapters and excerpts, rough drafts and wordlbuilding exercises, and some artwork commission or gifted for the purpose.
  • Or perhaps you would like to visit my Doctor Who crossover site, Whovian Crossover Cameos?
    There I review Doctor Who fanfics other people have written. It focuses primarily on those fics crossed with other productions the Who actors have been in–mistaken identity is the go-to theme for that site–but it will include other Doctor Who-themed works, story prompts, and some few of my own fanfics as well.
  • Or you could visit any of the various fanfic sites I participate in. You can currently find me on Archive of Our Own, deviantArt, or Fanfiction.net with fics written in a variety of fandoms.

If, instead, you are fine with the “a little of a lot” approach, then come on in, look around! Let’s see if there’s something here you’ll enjoy!

We have…..

  • National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) competition data
    (Content migrated to sister site Pioneers of the Shattered Waters.)
    And, since this is where my site began, my progress and participation over the years.
  • Tools of the trade
    In which I review, for your review, various gadgets I’ve tried in the pursuit of writing, books I’ve enjoyed–and hope you do, too–and some small selection of reference books that my readers may also find of use. Also occasionally an analysis of movies and TV shows.
    Some review posts contain Amazon or Smashwords affiliate links, as allowed by WordPress’s policy and described in my Privacy Policy.
  • Writing prompts
  • Fundraisers
  • My own published writing
    Because of marketing reasons.
  • Travel wishlist
    With pictures!
    (Content migrated to new website, Tamie’s Travels.)
    I’ve originally created this page to list places I’ve never been but would love to visit and try out my own camera, and I’d included photos linked from other people’s social media for the purpose. I’m slowly adding places I’ve like to revisit along with my own photos from past trips, and assorted other travel-centric goals.
    Perhaps some fellow writers or artists will find inspiration in some of the places and pictures I’ve chosen.
  • And occasional other random topics.

Or you can browse through the menu at the top, or the category and monthly archive at the side, or even visit the blog’s main feed, to find whatever else might strike your fancy.

Some of the links above lead to pages, some lead to category listings; reorganizing my site is an ongoing process and I will relink as needed. I thank you for your patience. 🙂

Good grief I wish I still looked that good.

Come on in and have a good read!

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