About the Name

Side Quest Publication/Publications

I named this site “Side Quest Publications” for a couple of reasons.

The first was that I had a story going named “Side Quest”…and the name just sounded like a good idea at the time.

Actually, that’s really the only reason I named it that. It was kind of a spur of the moment thing.
And it stuck, with good reason.

See, this site is meant, in one fashion or another, to supplement my fiction.
Whether the site is for monetary needs, for marketing, to practice my design skills (or the lack thereof), or a general ongoing project, the fiction comes first. The site is something I’m doing on the side. Without the fiction, I simply don’t have a use for the website.
And I started thinking, maybe the site is my own “side quest,” while I continue working on the “main quest” that is my fiction?

I liked it so much that I’ve actually registered with the IRS as a sole proprietorship under the name.
I’m still waiting to find out if I wasted my time, but at least it didn’t cost me any money. 😉
I’ve been using the name on a variety of related accounts ever since. Except the ones that already use other names, and don’t allow name changes; I’m not prepared to create all new accounts just to use a different name.

Side Quest Pub/Pubs

Many sites still limit the number of characters you can use in your account.
Mostly, that wasn’t a problem, but I have run into a few that allowed one or more letters too few for my normal handle.

If I’m only restricted by one letter, still not a problem. I just use the singular form–“Publication” instead of “Publications”–as I did on my deviantArt account for original work.

But I have had reasons to use a shorter version yet.
Perhaps the site restricts the name by just enough letters.
Perhaps I have multiple accounts on that site (as in deviantArt).
Or perhaps I didn’t want to keep typing in the entire word “Publications” every time I logged in.
In all these cases, “Pubs” has worked just fine as an abbreviation.

Or has it?
See, “pub” is an abbreviation for “publication,” but it is also another word for a bar, or a tavern.
Oddly enough, that meaning works for me, as well. As many gamers know, it is not uncommon to visit such places for information on quests….


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