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Yet more Procrastinating and Decluttering.

This time with “Decluttering” higher on the excuses list, I swear! Also with a small side of “I need to exercise self-control so I won’t have so much decluttering to do in the first place.”   See, I’ve mentioned in … Continue reading

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Using free time to daydream about free time

Disclaimer: Two different mentions of desks, given the absence of any photos I could take for the purpose, link to relevant product pages on Amazon. Both links, located towards the end of the post where I’ve included other photos of … Continue reading

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Writing “exercise”

What do I want that would help me in my writing? Well, there’s always the obvious. More books for research. A newer laptop (and smaller; an 11- or 12-inch would suffice). A second modem or a mobile hotspot. My parents … Continue reading

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Geek Quiz

Which apparently, originally came from an Asperger’s evaluation. http://www.piepalace.ca/blog/asperger-test-aq-test/ Why did I look this up? Simple. I found it when looking up advice for dealing with my parents (in the “cathartic writing” section of posts), and the subject of “do … Continue reading

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