Things To Do

Try a Tim Tam slam.

Because I have no idea. 😉 Just because. (Actually I’ve wanted to try a Tim Tam for a few years now, thanks to looking it up after it was mentioned in “The Unfinished Spelling Errors of Bolkien” The video above is just the first I’d heard of a Tim Tam Slam.)

Begin paying off student loans.
Finish paying off student loans. (Only about $35,000 to go. Care to offer a tip?)

Do more research on marketing techniques.
On writing story pitches.
On writing query letters.
On writing story synopses.
On creating book trailers.
Upload said trailers to YouTube.

Finish writing/editing:
The Graft (pirate novel leading off from Rite of Passage)
Wandering One
Alone Together (a Machine of Death short story) Published!
Side Quest
Tome of Beginnings (set of prologues/origin stories to my various other works)
And the next plot I come up with.
Finish rewriting my Doctor Who set via the Faction Paradox method.
Get all of them published!

Write up an “about the author/about this book” and update Rite of Passage.

Start a list Keep adding to my list of places I’d like to visit and/or reasons I’d like to travel.
And reasons I need to practice my photography. 😉

Finish writing my review for Here Be Different Dragons
And Chronocrime.
And a few others.
Continue writing and posting reviews for other books and media.
Edit site to include Affiliate links (e.g. to the Amazon product page for whichever book I’ve reviewed) where applicable.

Read, and review, the first scene of Wired by Rebecca Blackwell
(I can’t find the bookmark anymore. 😦 I might be able to track it down later, but for now, this one’s off the to-do list.)

Buy a FitDesk or similar device.
Ugh, sell my FitDesk (room’s been reorganized and now it no longer fits where I need it to) and replace it with a smaller item.
Slim down to a smaller size jeans than my dad. (34 or smaller.)
And a few shirt sizes. (Consistently wearing Large instead of it depending entirely on how big the sizes run would be nice.)
Lose about 50 pounds. (Trying to reach 130 or lower.)

Take more pictures of the things I’m trying to sell.
Buy more deck boxes, and count/sort the trading cards I’m willing to get rid of.
Look for collector’s value.
Verify card condition.
Update/add to my eBay listings.
Keep trying to sell the things that didn’t sell.

Register more books with BookCrossing. (Ongoing, of course.)
Release BookCrossing books.
Add listings to my website to show off where all I’ve released BookCrossing books.

Win the lottery/Publisher’s Clearing House/make a lot of money with the stock market. 😉
Dare to dream, right?

Talk to an allergist.

Find a nice place to live. Maybe some place with heated floors and a minimum of carpeting.

Move out of my parents’ house.

Add my to-do list to Habitica.



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