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Amazon Service: 3 months of Kindle Unlimited for 99 cents

Another year, another 3 months of Kindle Unlimited for 99 cents, and this time it looks like I’ve remembered to post just in time for this year’s promotion (the last day to sign up appears to be Dec 31). Or … Continue reading

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Book Review: The One by John Marrs

The One by John Marrs can be found on Amazon as a Kindle Unlimited title (Amazon affiliate link included) Full disclaimer: I received for free an uncorrected proof of this book on Goodreads Giveaways. I am not obligated to write … Continue reading

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The Trouble with Clutter

via me.me You’re absolutely right, meme-makers. Nobody needs the negativity that comes so easily from misquoting and taking things out of context. (The actual recommendation is to get rid of things that do not bring you joy, and the ideal … Continue reading

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Perplexed About Amazon Customer Questions

Or virtually any site that allows customers to ask questions of random strangers. And what I find perplexing is…. the people who answer–specifically those whose answer can be summed up as “I don’t know”–seem to think that they’re required to … Continue reading

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2018 Amazon Promotional Credit for Starbucks

Your time to shop for Christmas gifts is running out… especially if you shop online like I do and can’t be bovvered to pay out for faster shipping. 😉 But there’s still time to get some good gifts in and get … Continue reading

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Amazon Service (P)Review: Kindle Unlimited Trial

Well, my sporadic online habits means I missed advertising the “three months for 99 cents” deal, but new users can, as always, sign up for a free month of Kindle Unlimited to try out one of the various plans. Kindle … Continue reading

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Seller Feedback

I seem to be on a plushie kick lately which requires that I get rid of some of my old stuff… both so I can have space to store new stuff and so I have money to buy new stuff. With … Continue reading

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The Trouble With Kindle Scout Times 2

There, that’s the problem right there. I’m sure many of us have received the notification by now…. Kindle Scout is coming to an end. I received the email about it April 2 some time in the afternoon…. a few hours … Continue reading

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The Trouble with Amazon Associates

And probably the trouble with most affiliate systems. Disclaimer: Amazon links include Amazon associate codes. (Oh, the irony. 😉 ) Amazon Affiliates/Associates, like most (legitimate) affiliate programs, is one that can make a content creator a decent amount of money … Continue reading

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Buyer Beware of a Different Sort

A couple of notes to prospective buyers. I am not (technically) asking you to buy my stuff and leave good reviews on my profile. Rather, as it is a recent problem I had as a seller that reminded me of … Continue reading

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