Writing Devices–Entourage Edge

Entourage Pocket Edge
(Amazon “smile” link with affiliate code included)

Hopefully my final writing gadget.

Yet another discontinued product, though this one’s only a few months old.

I’ve only had the Pocket Edge for a few days now, but I am quite pleased already.

The Edge features a double screen. Both screens are touch sensitive, though one side is an e-ink reader and the other is a tablet.
The product came installed with a version of DocsToGo that featured an option to sync directly with Google Docs. Once I updated the version to take care of the glitching, I found I could access my Google Docs account quite nicely.

The device allows you to plug in a keyboard of choice via USB, and since I don’t fancy typing everything on a virtual keyboard, I plugged in my Neo.
DocsToGo did not allow the type of formatting typically found in MS Word. For that matter, neither did text boxes in assorted websites. It looks like the Edge isn’t set up to use all the keys from an external keyboard…namely the less-than/greater-than symbols I need for html tags.
I need to explore the settings to see if there’s a way around that, but for now, I can use the underscore/asterisk method mentioned in my post about the Neo.

It is as well that DocsToGo supports Google Docs syncing.
As I mentioned in my post about the Kindle, mobile sites seem to lack creation and editing support, and a touch screen is not as navigation friendly as a mouse.
Meaning I can’t easily upload to my deviantArt account when I’m away from the computer.

In fact, the one benefit from having a touch screen is that I can draw on it…once I install some sketching app or other.
PhotoShop didn’t do the trick, but there’s other options in Amazon’s app store.
Or I could continue playing around with the built-in Journal app on the e-reader side.

In all, I am quite pleased with this purchase.
All I need is another micro SD card to contain my apps, and some more configuration, and I’ll have everything I need in the device.

In fact, if I’d known about it even a month ago, I would never have bothered buying a Kindle.

To tell you the truth, the biggest problem with this device–besides buying it on eBay, meaning no warranties or replacement plans like I normally get–is that the outside has the same glossy surface as my PSP, or my old Nintendo DS.
In other words, a fingerprint magnet. I need to find a cover for this thing. One that doesn’t depend on the sticky stuff I normally have problems with.

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