All I want for Christmas

is my two front teeth.

Oh wait, didn’t I do that joke already?


Anyway, my Christmas wishlist for this year, in no particular order:

A job doing something I enjoy. Or right now, any job.
Making enough money on so I can pay off my student loan while putting money into the bank, not depleting my account. The more money I earn, the faster I can pay off that loan.

A winning lottery ticket.
And on the “student loan” front, that means I either need a jackpot winner, or the Cash for Life on one of those scratch-off tickets.
Not that I expect to get either one, but I can dream, no? 😉

A Windows tablet, Android, Chromebook, or even an iPad.
I need: a keyboard to work on my fiction, a touch screen and stylus support to practice drawing, and good enough guts to run PhotoShop or a similar program. And maybe a bit better hardware so I can take it to school and use it to do my classwork instead of using the school’s computers.
Also it has to be small, but not too small. The 10-11 inch models sound good.

A better digital camera/camcorder, or both.
One that can record high definition video, and can support at least a night-time filter similar to the night-time lenses I keep with my motorcycle gear.
And has a long video battery life–I want something I can use to record our day-or-longer motorcycle trips, and the one-hour battery life most such cameras report is a dealbreaker.
Even if I use a separate camera for photography, which I’m seriously considering if and when I can afford it, I’ll still want those three things for the bike rides.
For my purposes, a feature like GPS capability would be nice, but isn’t a requirement. Wi-Fi, on the other hand, is simply redundant, though wirelessly connecting to a separate (not smartphone!) display might be useful for the rides if I go with a helmet mount.

A FitDesk or similar compact exercise equipment.
Something I can use to exercise while working on the computer. Taking breaks may be fine for an occasional workout, but why not find something that lets me stay active even when I get back to work?

Assorted wood for carving.
Basswood seems to be recommended for beginners, but I wouldn’t mind trying other types of wood when possible.
Also graphite paper for transferring patterns to the wood.
Also patterns to try. 😉
Also a case or sheathe for my Murphy knives.

A PlayStation 4 and/or PlayStation Vita.

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