Workout Week 11-12–Ring Fit Profile Part 1

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With week 11 came the final week of my nephew needing our internet to do his classes, which will hopefully translate to the final week of not having ready access to my gaming area.

Week 12, on the other hand, involved running errands (driving twice to the dealer one town over to get the driver’s side mirror in my car replaced due to a crack running from top to bottom that distorted the reflection–first trip was so they could examine it to determine what would be needed and the second was to actually replace the glass after they ordered the part), spending time on a home improvement project (dad replaced our microwave which turned out to be a three-person all-day task), and assorted other time-wasters, that I just never got around to doing my workouts like I should’ve done. Not video games, and not my morning walks either. Exercise-wise, that home improvement project certainly qualified as a workout, just not one suitable for recording for my YouTube channel. 😉


That being said, I did manage to get started on showcasing the profile settings in Ring Fit Adventure:

I’d elected to do this video in split-screen mode only, for which the Fusion 360 still serves better than trying to use multiple cameras. While my image wasn’t necessarily critical to the content of the video (you’re clearly not seeing me contort myself for the purpose of exercising here), I want to try to maintain some consistency with my video formats and, well… the lack of movement on my part means a 360 degree version would’ve wasted my time trying to render and upload the thing. I expect I’ll do the next profile video the same way.

The reason I only “started” on the profile settings is this: When I made this video, I had very deliberately avoided going any deeper into the game, so that poor Tipp wouldn’t “think” that I was actually trying to start a new session. But at some point after I’d recorded this video I realized that I’d missed some of the settings… notably those that required that deep dive. So I’m planning to take that dive for another video, just so I can showcase the settings I’d overlooked.


As for the actual in-game workouts, I’m nearly done with my attempt at randomizing. I’d set up a simple spreadsheet showing most of the workouts I have available, and got a working formula that not only selects a workout at random but clearly indicates what game it’s from (else I’d spend too much time searching the spreadsheet for that second detail), but naturally there will be some editing needed before it’s fully operational.

For instance, there are these changes:

  • I have not yet added the non-adventure-mode workouts from Ring Fit Adventure. (Literally the only entry for that game at the moment is “Adventure Mode.”)
  • might remove some entries from other games. (Some of my VR games, for instance, might be more conducive to just sitting down and not involve enough moving to serve as a fitness game; these would would work elsewhere on my channel but not in this particular series. Also, does anyone really want to see a 30-plus minute video that’s nothing more than me doing a single Free Run in Wii Fit?)
  • Figuring out how to incorporate difficulty levels into the random element. (In Wii Fit, the only difficulty levels I have listed are those I have actually unlocked–which at this point is whatever the game starts with–with the single provision that workouts that start with a practice/instructional mode and a regular workout only have the practice mode on the list, with intent to swap it with the regular mode once I’ve done one practice video. The original plan was to simply add the difficulty levels as I unlock them so that they, too, can be selected at random–and in the case of Beat Saber that means adding all of the difficulty levels right away–but part of me is also thinking that I should wait until I’ve gotten the highest score tier before simply swapping out the entry for the next level up.)
  • And of course anything I might’ve accidentally overlooked.

There are also things that are missing from the start and which will remain missing from the list. Any workout in Wii Fit that involves two players, for instance. Or the fact that I chose to leave out VZ Fit Explorer (VirZoom’s app to bicycle in the “real world” via Google Maps, versus VZ Fit Play involving actual games; also, the content of these apps is already random via their own system so no need to select anything specific on my end).

For a very small selection of my workout options and the randomizer formula I used (column C just uses a basic concatenation to combine the entries from A and B):

Due to the way I count the individual workouts, the full list at this point in time includes 120 entries. At some point I plan to add more, not just by adding all of the Ring Fit modes but also by buying more music in Beat Saber or simply finding other workout games I’d like to try.


And finally, my week 11 sessions with Zombies, Run!

My pace has been kind of waffling back and forth since that hiatus of nearly a full month, but I’m still faster now than I was during January. I’m sure the lack of snow and ice has quite a bit to do with it, but I’d like to think there was a noticeable improvement on my part as well. 😉


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