Workout Week 15–Guesting and Testing Times Two

(Disclaimer: Amazon Affiliate links included where possible and I deem them relevant. I’ll earn a small commission, as described in my privacy policy from eligible purchases made through these links.)


Eeyup, another week of “can’t do much gaming because the nephew’s sleeping in the gaming area.”

But I did manage to test the possibility of streaming from my Oculus Quest to the TV via the phone app and screen mirroring.

(Disclaimer: Videos may not be visible in some territories due to copyright.)

A variety of problems with this method (including the fact that I didn’t realize the “stream to Oculus app” would have a nice big “record” button on the screen until after I’d finished recording–too bad I couldn’t stream to that and Chromecast at the same time for additional recording options) but especially that lag…. Eesh, I think I’ll stick with using the Chromecast for now.

Here’s the previous week’s Chromecast test again for comparison.

Granted, there’s lag here, too… but my untrained eye thinks it’s maybe not as bad? I hear the Chromecast Ultra is supposed to be even less laggy than whatever generation I bought years ago, I just haven’t convinced myself I need to buy it for the purpose.

Perhaps once I’ve gotten my bedroom rearranged to my liking I’ll have enough floor space to play and record in there, then I can test the ability to stream to the website (and use a simple screen capture program instead of a camera for additional recording options). But I’d still use the living room for my console games rather than drag all of the equipment back and forth, which leads me to the next update:


I still haven’t done another session of Zombies Run due to my work schedule. More to the point, how late I sleep after getting home as late as I do. I really don’t want to rely on exercise to wake me up so I’m pretty sure I’m going to be moving my morning walks to afternoons.

But I finally decided to start working on the Homefront… only to discover that the first exercise requires a stair stepper/step deck, which I don’t have. Or a sturdy box, which I also don’t have (not that I’d trust with my weight, anyway). The Wii Fit Balance Board would’ve done the trick nicely, but I didn’t feel like rummaging around the house at 1 in the morning, plus I’d prefer to use something I’m just going to keep in my room and not have to transport back and forth based on what workout I need it for. I also would prefer not to buy a step deck when I only expect to use it *checks Homefront workout listings* about a dozen times, so I’m trying (and failing) to find a likely “sturdy box” to serve the dual purpose of a step deck and an actual box I can store things in and shove under my desk when I’m not exercising.


Oh, and I also got my Quest connected to the various streaming services I’m enrolled in, so now I can just hop on the exercise bike and watch Netflix or whatever without needing to involve my phone in the process. Granted, I could probably do that anyway if our cable box includes the apps I need (the main one does, but the exercise machines are no longer in that room), but this also gives me somewhat “private” audio.


Suggested products in use, Amazon Affiliate links included where possible:

  • GoPro Fusion 360 degree camera
  • Oculus Quest (I have the original, thus the link. I’d done some research on the 2 to decide how it would most likely affect my migraines–weight plus IPD–and decided my best bet was just to stick with what I have.)
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