Yet more Procrastinating and Decluttering.

This time with “Decluttering” higher on the excuses list, I swear!

Also with a small side of “I need to exercise self-control so I won’t have so much decluttering to do in the first place.”


See, I’ve mentioned in a previous post somewhere that I’ve been invited to join Amazon Vine. And while I haven’t had a whole lot of products that would be relevant to my website, I’ve encountered a lot of products I’m interested in requesting and reviewing, period. (Four different brands of freezable migraine hats, urgh. Someone cure the disorder already! 😓)

And while some of these “a lot of products” are fairly small, to the point that “decluttering” is mostly an organizational problem, some of them are quite sizeable. Like, until recently maybe a quarter of my available floorspace was taken up with a combination of three items. Not “three boxes that have several things shipped in them,” three items, period. (Well, four if we want to be technical but only because one of those products came as a set of two.) Not exactly conducive to the moving around that is necessary for doing any of my fitness games, and even less conducive to playing virtual reality when my ability to avoid such obstacles is limited by how precisely I can configure my guardian boundary and still convince it I have enough space to play. Granted, I could move back into the living room–and honestly should just for the exercise–but I’ve come up with a set-up I like from the recording side of things so I’d like to try to stick with that for consistency’s sake.


In the meantime I really ought to get back to work on non-fitness/VR stuff. The booktubing, the motorcycle videos, the to-be-edited backlog in general…. Or Zombies Run, for that matter. And of course my writing. I’m (mostly) sure I was doing a fairly good job at keeping up with my projects until something came along to make me lose my momentum (that’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it)–when my phone started acting up I think three years ago so I couldn’t trust it to work on drafts during my lunch breaks (for writing) and when I was without a consistently working computer for two months almost five years ago (for YouTube). Inertia’s a bitch but I need to get moving and get that momentum back.


In quasi-related news, I’ve taken more pictures of stuff to get rid of and posted to eBay. I still have more things that need posting (including way the hell too many Beanie Babies that I’m far less confident are rare enough to “pay off my student loans with” than my parents are), but again, purely for organizational reasons, I probably don’t want to list too much more until I’ve sold some of what’s up there now. Anyone care to help me get that little bit closer to decluttering and getting out of debt? 😉

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