Workout Week 16–Redecorating

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So I did another footage-unfriendly workout, which is to say I did a lot of real-world heavy lifting and practically no gaming.

But unlike installing a microwave with my parents, this time the heavy lifting relates to the gaming (somewhat) because I was rearranging the furniture in my bedroom to get more floorspace! No more need to invest a thousand K or so into a Murphy bed (though the temptation remains), I’ve instead pushed around my desk to the wall opposite my window to make room to push my bed into the corner; while this doesn’t give me a truly roomscale area, and even the amount of moving Beat Saber requires kept making the guardian boundary pop up (worse than in the living room), and I am still completely dependent on Virtual Desktop/link cable for PCVR options because I have nowhere to put the lighthouses or whatever that other systems use, I at least have enough space that the headset no longer restricts me to stationary-mode-only.


There are some drawbacks, of course. For starters, I measured for dimensions but neglected to account for the position of outlets and light switches. (Measure twice clearly doesn’t apply solely to cutting things.) My bed now effectively blocks the outlet my computer had previously used, making it necessary to reach underneath to deal with my electric blanket and similar; my desk, likewise, sits in front of the outlet I’d formerly used for the aforementioned electric blanket, making it very annoying to get the particularly sizeable powerline adapter plugged in when I need ethernet.

And the bed’s position in the corner makes it harder to make the bed. (Not as hard as the full-size brass bed was!)

And I feel like I should do something about the light leakage around my curtains hitting my pillow in the morning.

But compared to simply having room to move around? Even without factoring in the desire to do gaming/exercises in there? Acceptable drawbacks.


Before/after/demo (literally demonstrating my available space by using the Beat Saber demo) featured below:

Of course, as you can see when comparing the “before” and “after” part of that video, that rearranging did result in having less desk space as I had to remove the side-arm to make room for the bed. So that adds to the perpetual need to declutter, which I don’t see myself making much progress on until I’ve made a bigger dent in that pile of books on the dresser (and everywhere else), I need to keep the floor clear… and though it doesn’t affect the “floor space” issue I also need to make another trip through my closet and hopefully find stuff that is no longer worth keeping. And figure out a better place for all those dust magnets plushies hanging directly over my pillow….


The demo in that video simply used my webcam to get the real-world footage combined with in-game recording; no streaming involved. The whole point was, as alluded to within the video, so I could see myself playing from an outsider’s perspective and review just how much space I really have. That being the case, I have one final test planned: to use Oculus’s own streaming service to “cast” to my web browser, maybe include a screen recorder that can add real-world footage at the same time (no need to edit for timing if I do that). Oh, and I suppose get my hands on a green screen so I can add mixed reality to my options; I kinda want to see if my curtains would be good enough for that, but with how thin they’re getting they ought to be replaced first, plus I need to get the curtain rod repositioned so there isn’t so much light leakage.

I do have other things to test but as they don’t relate to “recording options” I expect I’ll just use them until I decide I don’t like them. That’d be the 3drudder I bought a couple of years back (and only got around to opening a day or two after rearranging my furniture), the Walkovr that I similarly have had for a substantial period of time but haven’t tried yet, and the Cybershoes that I am awaiting shipment on.


And speaking of awaiting shipment, there are other workout-based benefits to the change in decor. For one thing, I now have more space available for non-recordable workouts like the Zombies, Run homefront, though there is still the matter of some of those workouts requiring additional equipment. I finally made the executive decision to simply buy a step deck rather than the “sturdy box” that I had originally assumed I would keep in my room once I no longer needed it for homefront; the plan now is to use an actual step deck in the living room post-hf in conjunction with Wii Fit, so I tracked down one made specifically for use with the Balance Board. Given the game’s age, such an accessory was much harder to find than I anticipated (either a lot of people are still using theirs and unwilling to give them up, or a lot of people simply threw them out due to damage or other reasons over the years… always assuming there was that great of a supply to begin with).

And of course there is the option (now certainty) of recording my workouts in my bedroom should I have another “guesting” moment to occupy my normal gaming area. Well, my VR workouts, at least; not so much for the console games, but I can always rig up my randomizer to give me a VR result (which, given the number of options, will mostly mean Beat Saber) if needed. I may want to clip my webcam to the front of my desk for some of those workouts, though….


Suggested products in use, Amazon Affiliate links included where possible:

  • Oculus Quest (I have the original, thus the link. I’d done some research on the 2 to decide how it would most likely affect my migraines–weight plus IPD–and decided my best bet was just to stick with what I have.)
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