*Head Meets Desk*

So much for attempting to reboot my “regular schedule” plan on Monday. Forgot to charge the batteries in my GoPro since the last time I used it and my actual webcam just isn’t as good a camera, so I effectively had no webcam for a while. (Just bought a couple of spare batteries and the dual battery charger–which I need anyway for when I start riding the motorcycle again–courtesy of a bonus cash back offer on one of my credit cards.)


But after several different tests (and getting the title for five days in a row in Ring Fit Adventure vis a vis playing it at night when I get home from work–on my way to the ten days in a row title, after which point I think I’ll start swapping VR and Zombies Run/homefront stuff back in) and determining that each of my capture cards (the Genki I bought last year and the Vivitar I bought recently) did a great job of transmitting data, I was all set to start streaming today… only to discover that I can’t use both cards at the same time.

This isn’t even an OBS problem, though most of my search results insist on pointing me that way, it’s a problem on the computer–if I connect the GoPro in HDMI mode first, the Genki’s own app will absolutely refuse to acknowledge that my game console is even transmitting (which doesn’t stop the Switch from going blank because it’s connected to a display, go figure), whereas if I connect the game console first the Vivitar refuses to report anything from the GoPro.


So VR non-console recording it is until I can figure this out. I tried googling it but right now I’m mostly getting stuff about software that the Elgato needs in order to run two of that brand… which I don’t have because they’re a hell of a lot pricier than the other options I went for.

Or finally getting my rear in gear and learning to edit better and just recording what I’m doing IRL and adding it to the footage… but that means no livestreaming, which means no further work on Twitch (short of faking it out like I did with my first Doctor Who video) until I’ve found a resolution.


Hindsight being 20/20 I’m now wondering if this is the problem I was having with the Razer and not simply the device being “temperamental.”

As OBS detected it long enough to add it before refusing to acknowledge it in the preview image I think probably not… but I just don’t know.

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