Other Forms of Self-Care: Digital Decluttering

Well, I haven’t done workouts for a little while, not since that last recording test sans computer.

The test, if you’re curious to see me flailing around with little context:

As mentioned previously, the GoPro seems to be working fine as a camera but I haven’t gotten around to seeing how well it works in HDMI mode despite having had the equipment for close to a week. I don’t remember what distraction kept me from doing so on Monday but Thursday was a combination of running errands, celebrating my mother’s birthday, and trying to catch up on Netflix.


Which leads me to the point of the title.

Just like with my read-and-redonate pile of books, there is a lot of digital media I need to “declutter” and get rid of. And just like that to-read pile, the sunk cost of already being mentally invested in some of these things means I really want to try to finish them before simply deleting them… for the same reason I haven’t made an en masse donation from the to-read pile for a while yet.

Now, with videos and such that are merely stored on my computer, that’s a simple matter of watching them whenever I get around to it and then deleting them to save space. But for the likes of Netflix, the idea is to eventually cancel my subscription–not for the sake of saving money (or not only for that; my tv-viewing habits right now are such that renting individual episodes would probably be cheaper than keeping the subscription going), but because I’m also interested in the VR app Supernatural and similar and I really don’t want to take on another subscription just yet.

So I need to try to catch up on shows I already like on Netflix, and decide which of the shows I’ve marked as “possibly of interest” are ones I could live without if it means cancelling that much sooner. I’ve done this with Hulu and Apple TV alike, and the plan is to do the same with Netflix.

Easier said than done…. I’ve had this subscription for a lot longer than the other two and as such have built up a considerably larger list of things I might want to watch on there.


With that, I changed my nightly routine a little. Instead of the “read x pages, exercise, shower, read some more until I make myself go to bed” plan, I am watching one episode of those “possibly of interest” shows, enough to decide if I should keep it on the list to continue watching or remove it (or a movie which I only need to watch once for the sunk cost aspect), exercise, shower, then read until I go to bed.

I’m trying to focus on the Netflix-exclusive ones on the grounds that “renting individual episodes” simply isn’t an option, but even there I’m finding it necessary to keep the subscription that little bit longer.

See, I managed to remove three or four shows from my list doing this (five or six if you count the non-exclusive but “ending this month” titles so there’s no chance I’ll catch up unless they switch to another service I’m using), but I’ve already decided to keep two more. One of them, Raising Dion, felt a bit too much like a family drama and not enough like a “superhero origin story” for my liking, and it was literally the cliffhanger at the end of the first episode that made me sit up and take notice and keep it on my list… the first two seasons were both dropped on Netflix all at once, so as long as there’s no season 3 planned catching up on this one will be easy. Sweet Tooth, on the other hand, has only one season that started last year with another one planned so I’ll have to wait longer for that one to be done. (Ironically, I was playing with my phone while watching this one–removing things from my Kindle app that, for organizational reasons, shouldn’t have been downloaded yet–but I was still able to follow along well enough to know I liked the show long before the episode ended. I had no such distraction while watching Raising Dion.)


And back on the subject of removing things from my computer, there is still the need to go through that backlog for my main and motorcycle channels.

Now that I have a newer GoPro and the display mod I kinda want to re-record the intro for the motorcycle channel (which requires better weather) before I go uploading more videos, that way I can get everything uploaded in 4K if I decide to do so. Plus there is the matter of extracting GPS data for the sister site before the need to reorganize leads me to doing anything irreversible with the raw footage.

But the main channel…? There’s honestly nothing I need to do with that that warrants delaying as long as I have, I just need to get on there and do it.


How about you my readers? What sort of decluttering or other self-care are you trying to tackle?

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