Now on Tumblr

Because I felt like it. 😉

You can find me playing around on Tumblr at Pioneers of the Shattered Waters (now why does that name sound familiar? 😀 )
I created the account for two reasons. One, to explore Tumblr’s options so I could help a friend figure out why her theme isn’t working the way she wants it to.
(So far the theme works as intended for me, but not for her; my current theory is that Tumblr likes to prank its users. On the other hand, I’ve experienced a screen size issue that interferes with the theme’s links on certain computers, so I’ll probably need to muck about with the code a bit more.)
The other reason is to simply explore other social networking avenues and keep learning. And if I find more people interested in what I write… well, that’s sort of an added bonus at this point, but it’s a bonus that I hope to work on.

Now, my Tumblr account is not, or should not be, like my main blog. I might start putting “bits and bobs” of assorted things up there, whether it’s reblogging other people’s Tumblr posts or just syncing from other stuff I’ve posted elsewhere, but the intended focus is on that “Shattered Waters” theme.
We’ll see how long that lasts…. 😉

My Tumblr should ultimately focus on some of the fandoms I enjoy–Doctor Who, My Little Pony, Sonic & Knuckles, and still others as I go–as well as my own original (and theoretically salable) works.
The plots I intend to focus on there are connected by the theme of characters who tend to find themselves displaced.

At some point I’ll start putting up information on my characters; maybe readers would like to ask them questions, help me develop them a bit more?

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