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Mini-Rant: Goodreads Giveaways is officially more difficult.

They’ve announced that they were changing the layout of the book pages for some time now but I have refrained from switching over to the new mode–even switched back to classic when the option existed–for all that time. Why? Because everything … Continue reading

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If you were directed to this site via one of my self-published works (there are some few copies still floating around with the link), the focus of this site has since changed. Here I still write about writing, and include story … Continue reading

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Dedication to a Wonderful Friend

I’ve never been that great at keeping in contact. I know that, my family knows that, my pen pals know that. Heck, practically the whole world knows that… if I have a reason to keep in contact with them. 😉 … Continue reading

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Geek Quiz

Which apparently, originally came from an Asperger’s evaluation. Why did I look this up? Simple. I found it when looking up advice for dealing with my parents (in the “cathartic writing” section of posts), and the subject of “do … Continue reading

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