Geek Quiz

Which apparently, originally came from an Asperger’s evaluation.

Why did I look this up?
Simple. I found it when looking up advice for dealing with my parents (in the “cathartic writing” section of posts), and the subject of “do I have Asperger’s” keeps coming up.
My nephew has it, he and I are way too much alike, and though I was diagnosed as a kid with Attention Deficit (when ADD was the “thing” to diagnose us kids with), my folks have often suggested I might actually have Asperger’s.

Anyway, I took the quiz, and I scored 41…out of a possible 50.
If I understand the results, I probably would have scored higher (i.e. geekier or more likely to have Asperger’s) if I wasn’t interested in reading fiction–to use two of the questions, I can generally work out the intentions of fictional characters with little trouble, but not of real people.
Although I disagree with the “Asperger’s don’t have vivid imaginations” mentality; my nephew and I both possess very active imaginations! 😀

Maybe I should try to get a diagnosis….

The “often notices small sounds” question was a weird one…I’m hard of hearing, and I still had to agree with that one.
Or it might just be the Tinnitus.

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