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Geek Quiz

Which apparently, originally came from an Asperger’s evaluation. http://www.piepalace.ca/blog/asperger-test-aq-test/ Why did I look this up? Simple. I found it when looking up advice for dealing with my parents (in the “cathartic writing” section of posts), and the subject of “do … Continue reading

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Weird writing prompts

What do you do, if you know of a conspiracy, but are cursed to never speak of it? I’ve posted this one up on FaceBook, and I gave it as one of two possible story prompts to a fellow deviantArt … Continue reading

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I’ve created a new site!

I’ve just begun uploading information about some of my writing to my new blog. You can read what I’ve got over at Pioneers of the Shattered Waters. (I really need a shorter address.) As I continue to add details, I … Continue reading

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