I’ve created a new site!

I’ve just begun uploading information about some of my writing to my new blog.

You can read what I’ve got over at Pioneers of the Shattered Waters. (I really need a shorter address.)

As I continue to add details, I expect to use either blog to help promote my fiction, and perhaps even get some business.

And when I have the money to get my own domain…

I’d probably want to set up Pioneers etc as a sub-directory rather than its own new site….which option is currently not supported by WordPress, so I’d sit on that idea for a while, anyway.
Or perhaps I ought to take a page from Brian Rathbone’s book and create separate sites for the purpose….. And maybe create a distinct book-series FaceBook page while I’m at it. But those decisions are for the future, when I have the money and/or more writing to market.

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