Weird writing prompts

What do you do, if you know of a conspiracy, but are cursed to never speak of it?

I’ve posted this one up on FaceBook, and I gave it as one of two possible story prompts to a fellow deviantArt user.

Now is the time for me to say what I think of it.

This “idea” came to me while I was awake…yet I had as little control over it as if I’d been dreaming.
A daydream, perhaps, but one born of my subconscious.

In the “dream,” I saw two people who were talking.
One of them was the person asking the question…and the one so cursed.
The other person was a king…incidentally the same person that conspiracy was against.

If anybody else wants to play with this idea, go for it. Write about it from whatever angle you want.
But if I write about it, I plan to focus only on the conspiracy and curse; something tells me the speaker has already found the solution. Although I probably would have to rephrase the question a little….

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