Spring Cleaning and Procrastination

Thanks to the Razer capture card’s, er, “temperamental” nature (as described by another user when I asked about the issues I was having) I opted to return it for a refund and instead bought a $20 Vivitar sold in my place of employment’s camera department, albeit with an interest in trying something like the Razer again after I’ve bought a newer computer.

Near as I can tell, the Vivitar works like a charm. What it doesn’t do is offer a preview image outside of the context of OBS the way the Genki does. This isn’t an issue for recording, but if I’m going to make good on my plan to exercise more even when I’m not recording (like doing those weekly Wii Fit tests that I keep forgetting, or playing Ring Fit on a daily basis at least until I’ve gotten the “play 10 days in a row” achievement, instead of relying exclusively on Beat Saber and Zombies Run), I’m going to need to swap my cards back around–and resize, crop, etc, everything within OBS as a result–so I’ve got the entire monitor to see what’s going on in game. And somewhere along the lines I’ve managed to generate a lot of cords all over the desk that I’m trying to clear off, so I’ll try to take care of that as part of the swap.


And speaking of those cords, at some point I’ll need to make another go at using my Quest via PCVR and see if that one motion sensor I bought actually works the way I assumed it was meant to when I bought it way back when. Far too late to return it if it doesn’t, but maybe someone on eBay will be interested if I find out I have no use for it.


I’ll also need to gradually add other things to eBay, both for decluttering purposes–despite my best efforts things are ending up all over my floor again–and for “I wonder if this’ll sell for enough to take a chunk out of my student loan” purposes. (Or at least sell enough to be worth shipping it out versus taking it to the thrift store.)

See, the other day my parents decided to start clearing out the attic and we found a lot of old toys and such that we’d forgotten about, ranging from random things mine that I played with as a kid to beanie babies I collected as collectibles or that my dad inherited from his father. And while I’m skeptical about whether any of this stuff is worth anything, and some of it went straight to the thrift store, there are a few things I’m willing to try to sell.


Perhaps, come Monday, I’ll be able to make another attempt at something resembling a recording schedule?


In terms of successful cleanups, though? Cancelled Netflix. Caught up on anything exclusive I wanted to catch up on, decided catching up on the rest wasn’t worth the cost of maintaining the subscription (not even looking at “renting individual episodes” as the alternative), and ended it.

Now there’s just the matter of deciding if and when to sign up for Supernatural. Or actually using my free trial of VZFit (which no longer needs a bike) and deciding whether to get a higher tier membership. Or buying any other (non-subscription) VR games I might be interested in.

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