CamLink is a Life Saver!… I hope?

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Probably still a bit premature on that title, what with the whole “thinking I’ve fixed a problem that occurs randomly just because it didn’t happen this time” fallacy. 😅

But even for a single video this has been better than my other options when they did work.

Doesn’t glitch out when using the GoPro as a webcam? Check.

Can use in conjunction with another capture card? Check.

Picture and sound quality worth the struggle instead of going back to my old webcam? Check.

Honestly the only technical problem I had this time around was the Genki deciding it didn’t feel like transmitting sound… but now that I’ve found the setting to “not mute the Switch when it’s connected to a TV” and the setting to not automatically turn the volume halfway down when “headphones” are plugged in, the game audio came across well enough for my liking. I’m kind of thinking I’ll just keep it that way in future recordings. My biggest hesitation on buying a Cam Link for all this time was solely knowing that the brand in general is expensive… but this particular product was cheaper than the Razer I’d tried and immediately returned, so as long as I don’t ever need to buy yet another capture card (knock on wood) I’m still coming out better than in a prior experiment.


Now that I (fingers crossed) have that issue sorted I’m almost tempted to make the GoPro clip my next related investment so I can attach it to my monitor instead of having to keep relocating (and repositioning) every time I need to switch between using the computer and recording this way, but… well, the only question is whether that’s going to be an issue vis a vis picking the sound of the computer. I didn’t notice it in the latest footage, but then, I also didn’t notice it while playing so there wasn’t exactly a lot of unwanted noise to compare to.

And the fan noise was part of the draw of going with the desk clamp if I remember right. I might be able to just clamp it onto a different part of my desk but the planned decluttering will eventually limit my options… unless I have room enough to put one of those cube organizers next to my desk.


Anywho, the video evidence of my latest experiment and hopefully the next step in getting myself to play these games on the regular:

We have Ring Fit Adventure‘s Sportan Treasury!

As far as hardware experimentation goes, the video was supposed to go up on Monday but a massive migraine had me spending most of the day in bed with ice packs on my head and neck (which, in full “my body hates me” mode, may have been a combination of the Asiago bagel I’d had for breakfast–being unaware at the time that asiago and yeast both contain the “common trigger” that is tyramine and not expecting a bad reaction when I’ve eaten these things before without trouble–and the fact that, due to not being hungry, I hadn’t bothered eating lunch), so I didn’t feel up to even touching the computer until evening.

Got it livestreamed to Twitch but then I put off making the edits that would allow me to account for the fact that I plan to use both systems… not to mention to make my intro/outro more consistent with how I preferred doing things before I’d gotten it into my head to use the 360-degree-camera and its lack of editing options.


In other news I seem to have gained a few inches back while I was busy figuring out my tech problems, judging from the fit of my clothes. (The 34-waist work pants are still loose enough to prefer, if not actually need, to wear them with a belt but they are no longer simply “loose.”)

Given recent changes in my eating habits, I’d say it’s either from getting back in the bad habit of eating too much candy (I’ve got a “see food” diet thing going on here, where if we don’t have candy in the house, I don’t miss it enough to buy any, but if we do have it I have to exercise self-control to keep from eating most of a family-size bag of Reese’s in one sitting), or my appetite has finally started to improve without me noticing.

*eats a banana and half a cup of milk for lunch, half an hour later my gut is complaining that I ate too much*

I’m assuming it’s the candy.


Suggested products in use (because even with the problems I’m facing, these are some good products depending on what they’re being used for), Amazon Affiliate links included where possible:

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