Workout Week 10–Slacking Off

*sigh* And still with the “nephew’s over for the week” delays.


And not only that, but since my dad and I ended up having errands to run first thing in the morning on Wednesday, I only got in one session on Zombies Run instead of the usual two.


But it isn’t a total loss. I made some headway on updating the “outdoor walks” playlist (not a lot of progress, percentage-wise, but that’s what happens when you have enough indie-game soundtracks to listen for 19 hours and change without repeating a single track) and with getting a list of my unlocked workouts so I can start randomizing them for future videos.


And speaking of that outdoor playlist, I’ve also started looking into other options for headphones. Currently I’m using the Aftershokz brand Trekz Titanium, but once I got back into the habit of using it on the regular, I noticed a few… problems. The biggest problem, which will persist regardless of the weather, is the mere fact of needing to hook these headphones over my ears in addition to doing the same with a pair of sunglasses.

The lesser problem–at least, lesser in terms of when it will occur–is that any time I have to wear a jacket, the collar tends to push at the headphones (if you check out their gallery, you’ll find it’s perfectly normal for Aftershokz headphones to stick out a good inch behind the wearer’s head), which in turn nudges my head forward. Angling them downwards seems to reduce the degree to which this problem occurs, but it doesn’t eliminate it entirely. The bad habit of overall poor posture certainly doesn’t help, and I have been trying to keep my head up even when energy starts to flag towards the end of a session, but honestly I’m thinking of relegating the Trekz to the task of computer work and going outside instead with a set of sunglasses with built-in earpieces.

The thing to decide is… which sunglasses? I could use what I already have and wear the Optishokz (same brand) that I acquired a few years ago from a crowdfunding campaign. The pro there is that the lenses can be swapped out for different colors as needed, and they have a very high IP rating (dust-and-water protection, and if I remember right they were a 6-7 which is the highest dust rating that exists and one step below the highest water protection, more than sufficient for living right off from a dirt road or wanting to walk even when it’s raining out). And of course there is the pro of not needing to buy anything more for the purpose. The con is that, for a device meant to use bone conduction, I’m not all that pleased with the placement of the earpieces, as they look like they’re built to transmit sound through the cartilage of my ear instead of going straight for my skull the way the brand’s normal headphones do. The alternative I have in mind would be to use some of my stimulus check by splurging on a pair of Bose sunglasses; the pro there is an earpiece placement I like better with the added bonus of AR games to try within their proprietary app (sound-based games are always a challenge for someone with hearing problems, but I do enjoy Blindscape so there’s at least a chance that I’ll like these), while the con is a questionably low IP rating of only X-2 (no tested dust rating and water protection only claims to be sweat proof) for something allegedly made for outdoor use.


There is one other thing I’m thinking about doing for future videos, but it isn’t necessarily fitness-related. And that’s food.

Oh, sure, doing some of the smoothies from Ring Fit will be tangentially fitness-related, but I can almost guarantee the recipes from my official Elder Scrolls cookbook won’t be. (And official cookbook it must be; as much as I’d like to experiment with trying to bring the in-game versions into the real world, there is the small matter of some of those ingredients not existing in our world and the considerably larger matter of some of those ingredients being dangerous in the game’s suggested amounts. That second point gave me the pet theory that the Gourmet started work as an assassin before he became a full-time chef and briefly forgot who he was writing recipes for.)

The issue at present is determining what I would need to even start a series of this nature, given, among other problems, the size of my kitchen. At this point I haven’t decided if I actually want to try these videos or if it’s just a completely random idea.

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