Workout Week 9 and March 2021 Monthly Update

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And we’re back to the whole “nephew’s spending nights over to do classwork,” otherwise known as “I don’t have access to my game space.” Ah, the occupational hazard that is being in my thirties and still living with my parents. I’m looking forward to his classes being done so he won’t need to keep occupying that space during the only time I have available to use it.

I did manage to get my Wii Fit U fitness test in before he showed up for the week but that’s it as far as recordable content.


And as you can see in the preview images, I finally started making thumbnails! A fixed-position image, of course, even on the 360 degree video, but extracting a frame was easier than I expected… I just opened up the 360 degree video within GoPro‘s own proprietary VR view (included with the installation of Fusion Studio), played the video and rotated it to the frame I wanted, and used the app’s own screen grab function to get the image. One of these days I may try to actually make thumbnails, but this works for the time being.


Still haven’t done that quick-ish review of Ring Fit Adventure’s profile settings, so there’s something specific for my to-do list.

I also decided that moving forward my workouts are going to be somewhat randomized for the purpose of my channel. While none of the games I play have a tool that actually picks things at random, my current method is to simply list all of the workouts I’ve unlocked within a spreadsheet and then use a random number formula to pick one to record. This means video length may range from only a couple of minutes (case in point a single game on the Stealth fitness board) to my typical 20-ish minutes for a single level in Ring Fit… and given how short some of them are this might also result in choosing to squeeze in the occasional workout on days I work (schedule depending; I still won’t do it before work and I’m not too keen on staying up past midnight on days I’m scheduled late). These random workouts will also include some of the custom modes within the likes of Ring Fit instead of relying entirely on Adventure Mode.


As far as weight loss is concerned….

Ick. Still not the drop I’m hoping for. But I continued to cross my fingers.

On the plus side, I did manage to find a way to get a single day’s weight for screenshotting purpose. That method doesn’t seem to exist in FitBit’s actual app (either phone or PC) but rather when logging into my account via the web browser. I’m not sure if this is a new feature or simply one I’ve never noticed due to rarely using the browser, but it’s there on the first page of the dashboard, so all I really need now is to learn to properly crop my screenshots.

If only FitBit didn’t discontinue the scale that measures body fat, then maybe I could at least guess if there’s any difference in that or muscle mass to contribute to the weight change. But I suppose that sort of guessing game is the purpose in taking before-and-after photos….

Once again I’m noticing a difference in how close the phone is to the camera. Oh, well, yet more stuff on the to-fix list. (And is it just me or is the January set at an odd angle? Hmm, could’ve sworn my last monthly update showed the February set with that problem when compared to a completely upright January.)


And finally, after too long a hiatus, I have more progress in Zombies Run!

Eh, it isn’t too surprising that my pace slowed a bit after going a month without using the app. I suppose instead I should be surprised that I slowed down by such a small amount; recall when I started that I was ranging from 20 to 24 minutes per mile. Granted, the lack of snow and ice helps, but I’m moderately sure that I’m actually faster than when I began this project.


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