Amazon Service (P)Review: Kindle Unlimited Trial

Well, my sporadic online habits means I missed advertising the “three months for 99 cents” deal, but new users can, as always, sign up for a free month of Kindle Unlimited to try out one of the various plans.
Kindle Unlimited Membership Plans
The bounty link with my associate code (which earns me a small commission on paid memberships, see my privacy policy for details) expires December 30, 2022.

For those who are not familiar with the system, Kindle Unlimited is a “subscription” service.
The standard service costs $9.99 per month (there are other plans depending on family memberships and student status and the like) and allows you to download, at no additional charge, any Kindle ebooks that have been published through the system.

There are limits, of course.
First, the books you have downloaded are essentially “borrowed.” Once you end your subscription (or your free trial, as the case may be), you will no longer have access to the books you acquired this way unless you buy them outright. In addition, you can only download up to ten free books at a time in this manner; you will need to return one of those ten before you can download an eleventh.
Second is a matter of selection. From the author’s point of view, Kindle Unlimited is an opt-in program; the author chooses whether or not to include their books in Kindle Unlimited. Some authors choose to make their books exclusive to Amazon, so that they are free for KU subscribers; other authors choose to make their books available at multiple online retailers, an option that is simply not possible for titles enrolled in KU.

But even within those limits, it is worth at least a trial period. You can get some use of it even for so short a time as one month.
For my part, I have a specific system in place. I have, on my Amazon account, a slew of titles that I want to look for in a library–random books that I’ve come across in recommendations, or as titles I’ve entered to possibly win via the likes Goodreads, and which have no connection to any of the various series I’m already reading. Upon signing up for the trial period, I checked through that wishlist for anything that is enrolled in KU, shifted them to a new list all their own, and immediately downloaded ten items from the new list. I fully intend to go through these books, not as the temporarily borrowed books that they are, but as though they were samples of bigger works. Once I’ve decided whether I like a certain title enough to keep a permanent copy, I would either add it to a wishlist created for that purpose or remove it from my lists entirely, return the KU copy, and move on to the next title. Then I’ll begin again with the next group of ten books, and so on until I’ve finished everything in that list or my trial period is up.

If you are interested in giving Kindle Unlimited a try, I repeat, there are multiple plans to check out based on family and student memberships:
Kindle Unlimited Membership Plans
The bounty link with my associate code (which earns me a small commission on paid memberships, see my privacy policy for details) expires December 30, 2022. Time’s a-wastin’! 😀

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