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I seem to be on a plushie kick lately

Shard is chatting up the other plushies about the Song of the Summer King book series.

which requires that I get rid of some of my old stuff… both so I can have space to store new stuff and so I have money to buy new stuff.

With that, I am adding some of the “statues” from various collector’s editions of the Elder Scrolls games to my online garage sale fodder. Most notably, I have Alduin and his Word Wall perch from Skyrim, and Molag Bal from the ESO Imperial Edition. (The Dwemer statue and Mephala from ESO Morrowind and Summerset will be added at a later time.)

And with that, I will also add a reminder to please, please provide feedback for the seller if you received good service. Yes, provide feedback if the service was bad, too, but especially if it was good.

Why? Because one single negative feedback left on the wrong order (which apparently is not a violation of Amazon’s policies and thus has no room to request removal) means a very different thing to a little seller who’s only received feedback 5 times than a big professional seller who’s received thousands upon thousands of ratings.

Case in point, my Amazon store

Yes, the one customer had a valid complaint and could very likely have provided negative feedback as a result. But their valid complaint was not the complaint they had left. The item I’d sent was received without problems, I’d received no communication from the buyer except to request the return due to that item being listed as the wrong variant (wrong size), the return was processed immediately, and there had never been any mention of anything being on backorder. I can only assume they’d had a problem with multiple orders and left that feedback on mine by mistake.

Perhaps if I’d paid closer attention and had replied right away I might’ve been more successful in persuading the buyer to remove the erroneous feedback and replace it with something more accurate to the problem that had occurred, but as it stands…. *sigh*

In the meantime, I’m off to figure out which “toys” I should list on eBay for a few rounds amid the Loot Crate shirts I’m still hoping to sell, since I have never sold enough at any point of my account to qualify to list them on Amazon during the holidays. And off to see which eBay sellers I can still leave feedback on before time runs out.

My eBay store

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