2018 Amazon Promotional Credit for Starbucks

Your time to shop for Christmas gifts is running out… especially if you shop online like I do and can’t be bovvered to pay out for faster shipping. 😉

But there’s still time to get some good gifts in and get some deals on the side.

Case in point, the multitude of digital gift cards Amazon has to offer. These may not translate to a present under the tree, but you can email a little something to a friend or family member who enjoys picking out their own gifts (perhaps your friend or family member has student loans to pay, and their bank offers rebates to apply to said loan whenever they shop online…?)

While you’re there, make sure to keep an eye out of the Starbucks deal: buy a $25 Starbucks e-gift card and use coupon code SBUX when you check out, and Amazon will give you a promotional $5 to use on their own website… and I’ve still got plenty of ebooks to choose from for that price.
However, the email I received on the subject states that this is a limited time offer (though I can find no mention of when the deal ends), and it is definitely one per customer.

Links to the gift card category and to one of my wishlists both include Amazon Affiliate links from which I earn a small commission for purchases made through the link. (The Starbucks deal, however, is on their Affiliate Exclusion list and does not allow deeplinking to the product page; Amazon’s own site recommends linking to the general category.)
Please see my Privacy Policy for more details.

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