The Old Year Now Away is Fled

Christmas is over and done with, and another year is coming to a close.

For many of us, this means facing that slowly building panic as we realize just how much we spent that we really didn’t need to and probably couldn’t afford.

For me, that means taking a tally of what all I’ve bought, realizing that–no matter how much I might want to–it’ll be a very long time before I need to make any big purchases again, and setting to work on building my savings back up. Student loans won’t pay for themselves, you know!
Oh, and cross my fingers once a week as I scratch off a new lottery ticket, or a few times a day when I play the SaveUp game through my bank. And definitely cross my fingers for my folks to keep their jobs.

Meanwhile, there’s that novel I need to continue. One more chapter to edit and then I can start uploading paid content to Patreon (I’m making the prologue available for free).
Or those unboxing videos I took recently of assorted Christmas and pre-Christmas goodies, and random videos to take down from my main YouTube channel and migrate to the themed motorcycle and gaming channels.
And of course, assorted fanfictions to keep working on.
And continuing to add things to eBay and my Amazon Inventory.

And… well, I could probably come up with a lot of things to keep adding, but what about my readers? How are the rest of you doing? How are you coping with the end of this year, and what are your plans for the next?

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