New Job Updates and Agenda Part…Two?

The two new jobs have been going on for a month now and then some, and even the “temporary” job doesn’t show any sign of ending just yet.
Allergies at the presumably not-temporary job are still questionable, but the boss did provide me with a pair of reusable protective gloves that are…. a little better than the disposables. They’re not perfect, though–between the gloves and the meds, the itching and rash is more sporadic now, but it’s still happening–so I’m definitely keeping my alternative of “refiling the paperwork before the month is up” in mind as a backup plan to get necessary accommodations.
On the subject of the gloves not being perfect, I need to find a good way to keep them clean. On the one hand, they’re meant to keep my hands protected. Yeah, they’re white, and yeah, they don’t take long to look nasty from all the stuff I’m working with, but that’s because they’re doing their job, so as long as nobody else cares what they look like, I probably shouldn’t be too terribly concerned. On the other hand, there is the matter of cleaning the inside of these gloves…. I’ve only had them a few days and they’re already starting to smell like dirty gym socks. And I can’t exactly throw them in the laundry.

On the social networking front, I have too many things I want to do.
Keep working on that novel, and post more of the free prologue to Patreon and to my Shattered Waters and secondary deviantArt account.
Make another go at writing those promised book reviews.
Speaking of Patreon, I need to finish editing a welcome and thank you video for my profile on there. And there are even some clips I want to experiment with for YouTube to provide intros and such to my more regular stuff… to whatever extent any of my videos can be deemed “regular” just yet. Trouble is, one of the clips I meant to use seems to have gone missing; I know I’d saved it to my computer but I can’t find it any more. On the plus side, I did manage to find the episode it’s from (Sleepy Hollow Season 2 Episode 11: Akeda) so I re-recorded that scene and now it’s time to edit, edit, edit! And see if I can fashion some of these clips into a workable wallpaper for one or more of my fandom-based profiles while I’m at it.
And there is that photomanip I need to attempt–again–to make a cover for this year’s NaNo novel. And the photomanip for the Torchwood/Arrow crossover for my Doctor Who cameo site and deviantArt group. And the….

And then there are all of those physical crafts I’d started dabbling in. I have those woodcarving projects shelved and waiting for me to pick up a knife again, some books on jewelry making, and I need to get my hands on some suitable transfer paper or a similar product so I have an easy way to get patterns onto wood and glass alike.

And there are any number of other things I want to update on my site. That “places to see” section is looking woefully empty with only two of the many things I’d bookmarked showing up in there….

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