I’ve registered with BookCrossing


Here’s the general idea:
You have a book that you’re willing to part with.
You get onto BookCrossing, register the book and where you’re from, add a label to the book with the ID BookCrossing provides, and then you and the book part ways.
You can do a controlled release–pass the book along to someone you know. Or you can release it into the wild–leave it lying around somewhere for another stranger to find.

Whoever gets the book next, their job is to get onto BookCrossing.com with the provided ID, and tell the site how they got the book.
When this person is done with the book, he or she passes it along, as well.
Nobody is required to do this, of course; the recipient can accept and even keep the book if he or she pleases without ever once checking the site, and there’s no rule against doing so. But ideally, most books will be marked “found” and will continue on their journey.

Some people use the site to just let their old books travel. Read them, enjoy them, pass them along for someone else to enjoy.
Some authors use them to promote their own writing…which I intend to do once I have something to release.

And apparently, you can release ebooks, as well.
I wonder how that would work? Perhaps include the BookCrossing logo on the first page? Email the book, or a link to the book?
I think…email would probably be a “controlled release,” and maybe just providing a link on my site for anybody to find would be more of a “wild release.” And I could leave the web address lying around just the same as a print book…easier, even, if I try geocaching like some people have done.

I’ve registered a handful of books; now I’m just deciding on where to leave them, and waiting for them to be found.

I’ve just checked with the local library; now I just need to wait and see if they have a place to donate books.
Also, my mother suggested the airport, though I’ll have to get permission, first.
And she’s also got some people that she offered to pass the books along to.

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5 Responses to I’ve registered with BookCrossing

  1. I’ve released 6 books so far 🙂

    No word yet on whether they’ve been picked up or passed on…


  2. crubin says:

    Thanks for introducing me to something I was unaware of. And thanks for stopping by my blog to comment. Appreciate it. Good luck with your many endeavors!


    • Glad to be of help. 😀

      I should also point out, there is no guarantee someone will register a BookCrossing book once they’ve found it.
      It seems to be…well, I was GOING to say “honor system,” but that has the wrong implication. Anyway, it’s up to the recipient whether to register it, and whether to pass it along to anyone else.

      But if you’ve got a good selection, especially if you’re promoting your own work, you could always try what Laura Harrington did when she started promoting “Alice Bliss.”
      I want to do that, but I’ll be starting with only 1 copy (out of five NaNoWriMo Createspace prints)…. Unless I try ebooks.


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