Artists/authors: Give a feature, get a feature

A lot of people on deviantArt are using their journals to spread art around.

It starts when one deviant advertises the willingness to feature other people’s art.
Then people begin commenting on that journal, and the first x number of commenters have three of their own pieces featured on that journal.
In exchange, the people so featured put up their own journal offering similar features, and include three pieces from the person who featured them.

I think I explain it a little better on my own journal:

If you have a deviantArt account, check it out! And start sharing that art for others to see.

(Note: this does not apply only to drawings and the like.
Anything posted on deviantArt, be it photos, photo manipulations, stories, poetry, Rainmeter skins, etc qualifies for this feature sharing…although featuring someone’s journal may seem a little odd.)

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5 Responses to Artists/authors: Give a feature, get a feature

  1. This is very neat! I don’t have the time at the moment to do a feature for anyone–my father just died–but I will definitely consider doing one in the future, both here and on dA.


    • Well do I understand how death affects things. It took several months to take care of things (which resulted in throwing things away more than anything else) after my grandfather’s death.
      I don’t think it truly registered with any of us that he was gone until long after his stuff was.
      I can only imagine it was worse for my dad.

      I considered trying features on the blog; I just haven’t worked out how to set it up. Thus merely linking to my dA journal.
      But if you see somebody already doing around here, show me the link so I can see how it’s done.


      • Honestly, to do features here, I’d just link the blog post in your blog.


        • Well, I suppose if you’re going to be logical about it…. 😉
          I’d also want to keep the list separate from the WordPress-suggested “related articles.” And I could probably figure something out if I needed thumbnails; at least I don’t need the “premium membership” for that like I do on dA.

          But I was thinking more along the lines of what would get featured.
          Art related only? Wouldn’t work if the blogger doesn’t do art.
          Any/all types of posts? Well, that WOULD be like my comment about “any deviations qualify”…or would that be more like featuring a fellow deviant’s journal?
          Or the number of features: 10-20 people seems normal on a single deviantArt journal, but I wonder if that would be the best way to do it here. Maybe instead, one person (and three items) per featured post, and the first person to comment on that post (besides the person featured, of course) is the next one to get featured. Though since not everybody has their own blogs….


        • I honestly don’t know; I think that one person and three posts sounds reasonable, because I think the dA feature thing is pretty overwhelming as it stands. And just limit it to “the first (intelligent?) commenter who has a blog.” Intelligent so you don’t get a bunch of “First!”s, and of course, if you don’t have a blog you can’t play.


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