Author Newsletters: An Experiment

Also known as: Social Media Under the Influence

Last night about, oh…. shy of midnight, I decided, in a moment of cold-pill-induced lunacy, to finally make an attempt at creating my own email newsletter.

I’m thinking of calling it “Three R’s — Reading, Writing, Riding”.

The newsletter will showcase these three things:

  • suggested reads (which may or may not include whichever book I happen to be reading at the time and will hopefully focus on self-published works),
  • my own writing and/or publishing progress,
  • and a photo from a trip I’ve been on (many of which, though not all, would be by motorcycle).

Along with whatever random blurb I feel like giving that is hopefully unique to that particular newsletter instead of merely copying content on a regular basis.
Weirdly, but not coincidentally, this would also allow me to provide a link to each of my three blogs per newsletter to point to more content of a similar type. That is to say, a link to this site (because of book reviews), a link to Pioneers of the Shattered Waters (because of my own stories), and a link to Tamie’s Travels (because of the motorcycle and other trips).

Given my lack of experience writing newsletters of any kind, I located assorted websites that I think are good resources on the subject. I am particularly interested in the advice given on the I Need Coffee blog.
I still need to find information on doing a “first” newsletter, and a “thank you for subscribing” newsletter, as compared to the irregularly scheduled newsletters down the road. But I feel like my first newsletter ought to be about the workshop I’m going to this May…. writing and traveling all in one, yes?

Thoughts? Suggestions?
My account is set up to allow it now from my end, I just need to actually get started and set things up for subscribers.

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