Mini-Rant: Goodreads Giveaways is officially more difficult.

They’ve announced that they were changing the layout of the book pages for some time now but I have refrained from switching over to the new mode–even switched back to classic when the option existed–for all that time.

Why? Because everything I need for the giveaways is on Classic mode, not on the new layout.

Here’s an example of two books that popped up for me to look at today:


Seeing the book in new mode:


Here, in contrast, is the actual giveaway page for another book:


Anybody else see critical details missing? Something that each one has that the other does not?

The new layout has the ability to mark an item as already being in one of my shelves (or in my case, see if it’s one of my shelves before I even enter), a detail that the giveaway lacks… but it does not give me the option to enter the giveaway.

And there is no longer an ability to switch to Classic mode… which has both details.


Goodreads help pages say you can “add an idea” to their idea pages here but there is no actual option to add an idea!

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