Zombies Run bodyweight exercises

Finally, finally finished the Dragon Corps story on Zombies Run. With a slight twist off my usual method.


See, when I got home from work on Tuesday, while eating dinner and watching Strange Evidence, I found myself struggling to even keep my eyes open, more than an hour before I normally go to bed! So shower and to bed it was, no late-night exercise bout this time.

Wednesday, though, given that it was too hot to get started on Season 2 as an outdoor workout, I took advantage of having the house to myself, and instead of trying to perform the bodyweight stuff in my increasingly-Vine-cluttered bedroom

I went down to the living room and used my phone’s screen mirroring function to display the app on the TV.

At which point I was reminded that the screen mirroring function forces all audio to come over the TV with no sound to be had over headphones. Oh, well, one less thing to sweat into for the session.


And since I’ve been forgetting to upload “progress reports” of the different stories, here we have Abel’s Buccaneers and Dragon Corps alike, completed in April and June:

Here’s hoping I can persuade myself to get back to the episodes that track actual progress soon. 😉

Oh, speaking of the heat and getting started on Season 2, I cheated on Radio Abel for season 1. At some point I wanted to be able to just finish the story, but I’d put it off for so long that the weather was deterring me from going outside and finishing it that way. So what did I do? I set the app to play a new radio clip every two minutes, connected my phone to my car, and listed to the rest of radio mode while running errands in one day. Then deleted the resulting “run” from my progress for obvious reasons. (On the plus side this did confirm a question I had: you can in fact unlock new radio clips solely through playing Radio Abel; unlocking them via the regular missions–which at this point would require repeating the missions–is not necessary.)


And then, following on the “I had the house to myself” bit, I made dinner for one on Wednesday, in the form of making enough burgers to last me almost until the Fourth of July. I just tossed them in my Instant Pot toaster oven model, only to discover the hard way that when the instructions tell you to flip them when they turn brown, that means you need to actually watch them and not trust the timer to warn you while you browse the internet (IP’s broiler function doesn’t go off halfway through for flipping like some of the other settings do).

They came out looking a bit like charcoal but were still surprisingly juicy and tasty… even after nuking them in the microwave as leftovers.

But as these, using wagyu beef (at $6 and change for a pound of meat, they’re still cheaper than going to Burger King! 😉 ), were less “juicy”–by which I mean greasy–than the turkey burgers my mom usually makes, I plan to make them again the Fourth to see how much of that difference is the type of meat and how much is me oopsing the job.


And finally I did get that video uploaded of a thunderstorm.

The fact that this came from local weather instead of downloaded stock sound makes for some limitations, but maybe, heat/AC depending, some day soon I’ll get one with the window open?

Also made another attempt at tackling the backlog of the “Goodreads Giveaways book reveal” videos… there are a lot of those on my computer from over the years.

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