*sigh* So much for Supernatural

I signed up for Supernatural VR on Monday. (April 18. Thanks to procrastination I never got around to posting this until the following week.)

Due to forgetting to actually download it until late at night, I didn’t try it until Tuesday… when I subsequently made the decision to cancel my subscription.


Why cancel? Not because I didn’t like the app or the workouts or the fact that it costs as much as it does. Nope, I cancelled because you can’t use it without an internet connection (which is to be expected–without the ability to add a memory card to the Quest something like this is bound to use up all of your storage sooner or later) and my internet just isn’t up to the task.

Oh, the normal wifi’s decent. Decent enough to livestream on Twitter, anyway (even if I do need to bite the bullet and invest in a better router one of these days), so I assume decent enough for this game.

No, the problem is that, shocking as it seems to be for a lot of companies (including our ISP), but we don’t leave everything running when we’re not using it. The modem/router stays shut off (and in nasty weather unplugged) at night when we’re sleeping. I wants apps that I can use without having to run back and forth between my room just to turn the internet on for a workout and off again when I’m done, especially when I’m using it late at night and am trying not to disturb anyone else in the house… and while I can take forever and a day downloading the app by using my phone as a mobile hotspot, the connection just isn’t enough for anything to actually load once the app is available.


Even if I was willing to run back and forth to opposite sides of the house so late at night, there’s also that “nasty weather” comment I made. One of the benefits of using the Quest is the ability, charged battery depending, to play games without needing anything connected to a potentially vulnerable power source, and “lifetime warranties” on surge protectors just aren’t good enough when you’re talking about the potential for fried storage. So the only games I can consistently play during questionable weather are the offline varieties.


So what I ended up doing instead was playing more Beat Saber, sansprogressively increasing difficulty” for short sessions each night. Played on Easy mode, the mapping was not only gentle on my sciatica, some of those songs actually worked really well to give me a decent stretch in the process.


Now I just need to… get back to doing on the regular and stop procrastinating. Not to mention start playing some of my non-fitness VR games for recording purposes.

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