Decluttering and Procrastination

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Thanks to Amazon Vine I’m starting to fill my room with boxes again, which kind of makes it hard to exercise in there. 😅 Hopefully my dad can help me install that storage unit into my motorcycle soon, because that’ll get rid of the largest box.


But that’s only a small part of why I haven’t uploaded much recently. The rest? You guessed it, I am terrible at procrastinating. (Or am I too good at it?) Doesn’t bode well for my plans for Twitch, given their “only show the video for two weeks” system for non-affiliates.


I did (finally) get the April “monthly” fitness test via Wii Fit uploaded:

As well as finally starting to make proper thumbnails so I can start deleting any excess footage from my computer that I don’t intend to use.

Sadly weight gain is involved, not just evidenced by the game data but also by the fact that my 34 waist work pants are starting to get snug on me. On the flip side, I just started wearing a pair that I haven’t been wearing since I first bought them so it’s hard to say how much is “I gained inches again” and how much is “I stretched the other pair out from use and I haven’t worn this pair yet.”


New level of Ring Fit Adventure, too, finally crossing that river via one of Ring’s special abilities:


No other “official” workouts (Zombies Run should be in there but it took me forever to get around to finishing the Abel Buccaneers storyline and I keep forgetting to upload the run graphics) to be had here, but I do have this:

My first efforts at showing off just how bad I am at using a weighted “hula hoop,” courtesy of Amazon Vine.

Now, the actual review is already posted to Amazon (with this same video attached) but for something of a recap: I’m well aware that I’m wearing this thing higher on my body than I’m supposed to, but the “thinner” space between spare tire and muffin top was simply too narrow to make it fit properly. The result is that, despite wearing a 34-inch waist and this fitting up to a 47 inch waist (according to their product page–when I took a tape measure to it I only got 39 after installing all of the included links so I have no idea how they measured it) I could barely fasten it.

It is also nowhere near the “whisper quiet” that the product page claims it to be, as you can tell from the above video.

But for all my talk about decluttering, it takes up little enough space when not in use, and if I look at using it in terms of “practicing to increase how many times I can spin the weight” instead of “using it x minutes per day” I can easily fit it into any other workout routine without taking much time away from my other options. And for that reason alone it’s worth keeping as part of my regular workout… whatever “regular workout” means when the context is me. Perhaps, if I use it often enough, I’ll eventually get to a point where my spare tire doesn’t interfere with using it properly and it will fit the way it’s supposed to….


And finally, after cancelling my Netflix subscription I’ve hemmed and hawed about taking on something else. There are plenty of VR fitness and fitness-adjacent games I’m interested in that require subscriptions–far too many that require subscriptions, actually, to make the decision easy–but one I keep coming back to is, of course the most expensive one I’ve found, Supernatural.

And my interest strengthened when I saw one of the coaches.

Nope, not your “OMG so-and-so is hawt” reaction. No, one of the coaches, when she started her fitness journey, was sizeable enough to make it “OMG a weight loss tool actually thought to use a model that the customers can relate to!” (Seriously, I know anyone can have body image problems, but it feels like there are way too many “weight loss” tools that only use models to show what you’d probably want to look like and never show who would need the product in the first place.) On the strength of that reaction alone I felt like I should support the app, but still I hesitated.

And then recently I had a sciatica flair-up. Then the reaction was like “Okay, time to see what Supernatural has available for stretches!” (Haven’t found a lot of Yoga in VR which is what I was really looking for.) And I signed up.

Now the main question is whether to include it on my channel as a random workout (and how) considering they allegedly come out with new content every single day.

Also I ordered Switch Sports, learned that there is supposed to be aesthetic gear that’s only available to online members, caved, and signed up for that as well. That one unfortunately requires competing with other players and “buying” the items with points earned in the process so I’ll have to try it out to see if it’s worth continuing to subscribe….


Suggested products in use, Amazon Affiliate links included where possible:

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