Rhythm Game DLC choices

Been filling up my playlist (of the above title) again with songs I’d like to see in my assorted rhythm/fitness games–some already existing in DLC and some that I’d probably have to (eventually) add as custom songs.


Are there any songs my followers thing would work for these types of games, and why?

For my part, my sensory disorder and slowly shrinking interest in actively choosing to listen to music of any kind means that my choices must, first and foremost, be dependent on “can I stand to listen to it?” Doesn’t matter how popular it is, doesn’t matter where it comes from, doesn’t matter the genre, does the actual literal sound of the song feel right in my ears?


From there I can make choices based on other factors:


Just like how my Zombies Run playlist is composed entirely of video game music (of the “hey I like this game so I’m gonna buy the album” variety, not treating “game music” as a genre of its own), some of the tracks I picked were based entirely on recognizing them from games/movies I like.

Greatest Show (Panic! at the Disco) and Immortals (Fall Out Boy) fall under this category. In fact, when Beat Saber announced the Fall Out Boy music pack, my first reaction on recognizing the band’s name was to think “If that song from Big Hero Six is in there, I’m buying it.”

Wow, a popular song I actually recognize for some reason!

Finding more than a few here:

Uprising (Muse) was my first and thus-far-only DLC purchase on Synth Riders, and I picked it solely for the “wow I actually recognize this” factor. (I specifically recognize this one from advertisements for the remake of V.)

There’s also Bad Romance (Lady Gaga), Counting Stars (One Republic), Warriors (Imagine Dragons)… actually Warriors was something of a reversal of this trend, as I’d already visited YouTube to find out what songs I’d like the sound of enough to buy, and only afterwards started noticing this one a lot on the piped-in music at work (recency bias perhaps?), thought “wasn’t this one of the Beat Saber songs?” looked it up again, and decided to buy it after seeing the League of Legends video (despite, ironically, not playing LoL so it doesn’t even fit the “soundtrack” category).

If the Lady Gaga pack had included Applause I would’ve snapped that up in a hurry, too… with the added weirdly appropriate element of “Hey I know this song from an exercise class” (used to take an Aqua Zumba class at the local gym and this is one of the few songs I remember them playing just about every week–Gangnam Style was the first thing I tried in Audio Trip due to the same class).

Ghostbusters (in the above playlist but not an official DLC), while recognized from a specific movie, is still a “hey I somehow know this song” as it being from that movie is not critical to me wanting it.

Liked the “story” of the song

High Hopes (Panic! at the Disco) was chosen because I liked the “story” that the lyrics tell, with the addition of thinking that the official music video was just plain cool. Born This Way (Lady Gaga) kind of falls under this category as wel.

Party Rock (LMFAO) and Centuries (Fall Out Boy) are more the story of the official video.

Love the sound!

And here would just be the ones that I personally think would work really well for the purpose, or upon listening to some of the pack offerings decided I liked it enough to buy more than just the one or two per pack that the above reasons would have given me.

And that’s… pretty much everything else in that playlist. There were of course others that would have worked even with my sensory disorder, just not something I felt compelled to buy.


So, to repeat the question above, what songs do you like in these types of games or think should be added, and why?

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