Well, that sucks.

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So (logical fallacy of random problems besides the point), I once again think that I’ve fixed the issue with the glitchy GoPro-as-webcam… and I “fixed” it by running it in HDMI mode instead of using the proprietary software.

Which requires connecting it to my computer with a capture card. Of which I only have one, meaning my ability to record console games is out until I get my hands on another one.


Financially that’s yet an another annoying “fix a problem by throwing money at it” step (I mean, I’m not making money on this channel, making it look good is all well and good but I really don’t want to spend a lot of money just to make it function), but in terms of planning it’s easily done.

I bought a new capture card. The Razer Ripsaw HD, to be precise; one of the selling points was the ability to connect headphones to it, which in my case actually means connecting my external speakers and hoping I can actually hear the game’s audio without having to swap what’s plugged into the monitor based on what I’m listening to.


Only… either I’ve got something set up wrong or I am yet again feeling my “oddball according to the manufacturers” status.

See, the Ripsaw’s instructions include connecting an HDMI cable from the capture card to a monitor… this in addition to connecting the capture card to your recording computer via USB. Bear in mind the computer I’m recording with and need to be able to see the actual game on is already connected to the monitor and I don’t just happen to have another monitor lying around (nor space to put it if I did have one–one of these days maybe but I’ve still got plenty of decluttering to do before I take that idea seriously).

I assumed that was an extra feature for people who actually have a second monitor to work with and choose to do so and that it would preview just fine on OBS without requiring that step–after all, how could I expect to adjust the cropping etc to make the footage fit exactly how I want it to amid whatever else I’ve got shoved into OBS except by seeing that preview on the computer that’s actually running OBS, yes?

But there is no preview.

There is my face right in front of the GoPro, there is the ability to see that Cardia is positioned right where I want it, but while the Razer is listed in the sources and audio mixer alike (and why do the instructions require the Razer to be added as an audio source if the video source shows up in the audio mixer?) I have found no evidence in that preview of any media source from the Razer capture card that I can drag and crop and skew to my liking. It’s like it just doesn’t exist.

Ironically, given the absence of a second monitor, I have no way to test whether I do in fact need a second monitor to use this particular capture card or if my assumption was correct and the capture card is simply not working properly.


Pity. I had thought I’d start using Twitch more–do Ring Fit (the only fitness game that actually takes me awhile) on Mondays, upload the edited footage to YouTube on Tuesday, and then probably livestream a horror VR game on Thursday then upload the edited footage on Friday.

(Why a day apart? Because, while I don’t expect to become an affiliate any time soon, Twitch’s affiliate system requires exclusive use of the content for at least 24 hours… but unlike YouTube, which is totally dependent on the audience, if I don’t have enough content to stream I won’t meet the requirements to upgrade my account anyway no matter how many followers I get.)

But I’ll need to return the Razer and get my hands on a different capture card before I can do anything with the consoles.


I mean, I can still do VR with my current set-up, and here would be my first attempt at a “horror” game (really sci fi with creepy elements, but it’s some of those elements that inspired me to include the heart rate monitor and actually start playing legitimately horror genre games):

This, I might add, is the first video I’ve done connecting the GoPro via HDMI.

And here’s my Twitch channel if anyone would like to keep an eye on when I put some real effort into sticking to a livestreaming schedule (first “stream” was an afterthought on this same video so I had to run the edited version via OBS):


And finally I do have the option of doing that stealth/balance/planking thing which only requires screen mirroring.

But going back to Twitch’s requirements, right now VR is the only one likely to have me streaming long enough to matter for their affiliate program–I generally only do a minute at a time in Stealth because I just can’t plank for long, Twitch’s requirements are measured in hours, and I’m not ready to try to make streaming a daily occurrence (particularly as that includes workdays)–until I decide what other capture card will work for my purpose.


In other news I’m trying to work out what kind of mirror would work best to factor in both the fitness games and the VR–fitness because some very few exercises require doing something behind my back, and my current option is to either turn around (and listen to audio cues to know when to turn back) or to simply not show those moves on-camera, and VR because, even with a yoga mat designed for the purpose I can easily get turned around (as seen multiple times in the above video) and have no idea which direction the camera is in.

Alternatively I could incorporate my older GoPro 5 into the mix, never mind the difference in their ability to pick up light, but that would either require running cords (tripping hazard)–not to mention investing in yet another capture card–or simply recording footage from the back (editing it in as needed but not including it in livestreams). Also there is the question of where to put the camera….

But still, more decluttering before I make any other major changes to my decor.


In other other news I have finally cancelled my Netflix subscription. Now to investigate the likes of Supernatural and other new(er) fitness games.


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