Workout Week 39-40 and October Monthly Update

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Even accounting for all of the delays, it feels like there is something seriously wrong with the notion that I have more weeks of workouts this late in the year than actual workouts. (Case in point, the most recent upload non-monthly-update being my *checks YouTube* 29th workout.) Well, if I start trying harder to take advantage of my recording space for VR instead of procrastinating whenever my console space is being used as a “guest bedroom,” I still have time to finish out the year with a once-a-week average…. Especially once I start trying other games, even adding the motion trackers to the mix.


Speaking of the guest bedroom, my parents finally decided to convert the junk room back to a bedroom and had me order a bed they can put in there for the purpose.

And then two days later told me to return it as the guest’s mom wants him back home.

It’s been almost a week and I’ve heard no word on when anyone besides me is going to act on either of those announcements.



In any case, some progress of the digital kind was still possible.

For instance, though I completely forgot to take photos until it was time to write this post, getting the before-and-after shots is always easy:


Gameplay-wise, the fitness test is actually the last thing that I did for this grouping, but I still added it first here for sake of whatever consistency I’ve managed to retain throughout these posts:


A “fitness age” of 20 doesn’t happen all that often, especially given the random nature of the tests, so when it does come up I’m a bit more pleased than normal.


Next on the list is Ring Fit Adventure:

and the return of the pajamas-as-workout-clothes. While I did mention the weather in the course of the video, that wasn’t the reason for the pjs (I would’ve been wearing those winter ones with the foxes if it was). No, the reason for wearing pjs was because the only two pairs of shorts I owned that fit comfortably (ish–they were getting loose and needed replacing but it’s the wrong time of year to easily find shorts) had both finally lost their buttons and hadn’t been fixed yet. I have since, as per that parenthetical note, bought two more pairs of shorts with a 34-waistline… of the same make as the 35’s as the pants I wear to work. (The old shorts are 36s but the new ones are snug enough that I’m not quite ready to downsize.)


And the only other game I attempted to record, moving on to level 3 of Beat Saber’s Campaign Mode!

No webcam/screen recorded version to be had this time around, I’m afraid. I finally remembered to adjust my Bandicam settings to separate the two for easier cropping, but failed to realize until the editing stage that the webcam wasn’t picking up any audio! Rather than finagle with timing so I could get the audio from these videos to add to that, I simply opted to delete the computer version of the footage as unnecessary extra footage.


And of course there is the non-recordable workout in the form of Zombies, Run!

For this grouping, the story order had me going through the Abel-based 5- and 10K “races.”

The Ultraviolet 5K was easy (ish) though thanks to weather, time of year, and spending too much of my afternoons on the computer when I’m supposed to be getting out and about, I ended up splitting it up over two days again.

The 10K episode, like with the New Canton 10K, was split up over (hopefully) two days due to length… been a long time since I’ve gone on Volksmarches with my parents and even if I gave myself the time I simply wouldn’t want to try walking that much all at once! However, as you can see I only have one run graphic for this episode; it was supposed to be split up over Monday and Thursday, but weather (in this case pertaining entirely to how dark it was), time to sunset, and I-like-dogs-but-don’t-trust-them-when-their-owners-let-them-run-into-the-road (these ones weren’t chasing me like some have done, but when I saw them wandering unattended in the middle of the road a little past my own driveway I just decided I wasn’t going to try to pass them) compelled me to end it early on Monday before I’d managed a full mile and I simply opted to start the episode from the beginning again on Thursday.

So I’ll need to finish out the 10K and then figure out if there are any main season episodes before I start in with the two 20Ks… which, at 5K per session, will take me a full month of free time to complete.


And I forgot again… the actual numbers on the scale!



And in between workout videos I really need to get back to editing that backlog of assorted other content for my other two channels… not to mention new content. Motorcycle videos, book reveals from the likes of Goodreads Giveaways, things like that.


Suggested products in use, Amazon Affiliate links included where possible:

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