Workout Week 37-38: Prepping for another 5K

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And another delay due to going to the movies with my folks. (Hey, I said I needed to stop doing that, not that I was going to. Willpower, ya know? Though in addition to the delays, saving money would be another good reason to wait for the home releases; I don’t need to see anything early enough to go to the theater….)

But I did manage a few workouts one week, covering the range of all of my consoles (no VR) this time around… and then completely forgot to upload them until the next week when I ended up not doing any. Go figure.


In any case, we have the Bridge of Insight from Ring Fit Adventure’s World 3:


An attempt at one of the advanced Yoga moves in Wii Fit Adventure

(FYI that is not a “bedroll” behind me that I tried to kick out of the way. That is the extremely hard platform for one of the bunks–over-the-cab if I remember what my dad said correctly–in my parents’ RV, brought in for my nephew to sleep on while he’s guesting in my gaming space.)


And finally another go at the Stealth Planking system!

I turned off music in the app due to a copyright that I have no means to deal with (one version of my footage of the Racquetball game got flagged as using music that–to me–doesn’t even sound like what’s included in the game, but since I don’t own copyright for any part the game I can’t appeal it on that basis), which has been fine for the most part, but I feel like this particular game would’ve benefited from actually having music. Oh, well.


Moving on to the non-recordable stuff, I continue trying to get a FC SS score on my handful of bought-and-paid-for songs on Beat Saber while playing Normal mode at a slightly increased speed (there are four speed options: default, slower than default, slightly faster than default, and quite a bit faster).

While I have managed the highest score tier of “SS” a few times (to my shock) I have yet to complete a single level at this higher speed with any score in which I managed to hit every block–the best I’ve managed thus far was missing one. So no Full Combo as of yet, which means no going on to the “quite a bit faster” option just yet.


And with Zombies Run, I got all of the main missions finished right up until just before the next 5K.

Funny, I could’ve sworn there were more episodes than that between the last 10K and now. But looking at my run logs I don’t appear to have missed any, nor missed uploading any, so clearly I’m just misremembering. I just remember working out in my head that the number of episodes would let me do episode 18 on a Monday (without skipping any days) and follow up that same Thursday with the next 5K versus having to do the 5K in a different week and I have no idea where I’d come to that conclusion.


Speaking of skipping days, do you know what the hardest part of doing Homefront in German is? Waiting for the cue to start a particular workout and not realizing you’ve already been given it because you’re functionally (almost) illiterate in the language. My seven years of being a military brat with the bare minimum of language training is, perhaps, why I was willing to give it a try but it certainly doesn’t help much without the English version of the story to listen to. I already knew “schnell!” (“now”), I had to look up “los!” (“come on”) though it’s repeated enough to recognize as a cue, hearing Janine set the timer is obvious no matter what language you speak, and I can pick up enough key words that, combined with doing the English version of the app alongside of the German, will sometimes clue me in to what part of the story they’re telling. But I have lost count of how many times I’ve just stood there waiting for the narrator to stop jabbering and give me the instruction to start exercising, only to realize when the music started playing that I’d actually missed the workout.

What does that have to do with skipping days? Well, not a lot other than “I’m doing the German episodes of Homefront.” But to make a long story short, the language barrier is such that I decided to repeat episodes–English one day, then the German version, then back to the English version of the same episode before moving on. Which of course will make it take longer to get so far into the series than if I stuck with one language even without skipping days. So this past Sunday was supposed to be the day I finished that grouping for episode 7 (when you first visit Spectrum Mall), except I had a sharp pain in my foot that discouraged me from doing any more walking that night than I absolutely had to. I suspect my work shoes are overdue for a replacement.


I also tried another quick (ish) experiment with The Walk. Somewhere along the lines I’d forgotten that the app connected to my Google Fit account until I was adjusting some settings on that, so I decided to disconnect it to see if that would affect its tendency to count my steps in the background when I don’t want it to. (For those who don’t want to click the link, the short version is that even if I force-quit The Walk before going anywhere, if I start running errands or go to work or whatever and am walking around, it will continue to track my movement and add it to my progress, preventing me if I am mid-episode from collecting all of the “landscape features” for the gamified aspect of the app–I have this same problem with FitBit’s challenges–if I am not in a position to pay attention to my phone while it’s running.)

The theory was that if I disconnected it from Google Fit, I would essentially force the app to depend completely on its own step-counter instead of picking up the real-time-all-the-time tracking from Google. As it turns out, I was partially right; the game won’t even let me open it without connecting it to Google Fit (suggesting that maybe it doesn’t have a step counter of its own the way Zombies Run does), meaning to split up hours-long episodes over multiple workdays I’d have to keep connecting and disconnecting every single time I want to use it, but it does leave it wherever I left off instead of continuing or (as I’d actually feared) resetting my progress. I’d still force quit it whenever I go anywhere, at least until I find and disable the setting that causes it to open every time I start my car (but somehow not when I turn on a pair of bluetooth headphones), but this may let me use the app if a different solution is not found.


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